The other day in the dining hall I got excited because they had Honey Nut Cheerios. That is how deprived of good food I am. I was literally excited for Honey Nut Cheerios.

I come from a land of amazing, culturally-rich food. Food that is celebrated, traditional, made with incredible seasonings and unique pairings that make an outsider's eyes (and mouths) widen with awe and say, "I never knew food could be prepared like this!"

I'm not talking about Chinese or Italian or even New Orleans food - I'm talking about good ole' Pittsburgh food.

At first people think, "Oh, Pittsburgh? So like, Philly Cheesesteaks?" Ugh, gag me. First of all, Pittsburgh is AT LEAST six hours from Philadelphia, depending on how far you drive. They are in the same state, but NOT the same city. Second, I'm not sure what's more disgusting - Philly Cheesesteaks or Philly itself. All they have is a giant bell and sub-par sports teams.

I'm talkin' Primanti's, Pamela's, and Pierogies. And not normal pierogies - pierogies that literally race each other.

Here is some of the best, most authentic food you can get in the 'burgh:

Primanti Bros

This is the sandwich place that puts all other sandwich places to shame. Why, you ask? Because they INVENTED the "fries on the sandwich" sandwich. No further explanation needed (but even their PIZZA is good. They literally can do it all).

Fries on top of everything

Speakin' of fries, Pittsburgh people put french fries on literally everything. Sandwiches, chilli, eggs, even salads. Yup, if you go to Pittsburgh and order a salad because you're trying to be healthy, make sure you specify "no fries," because fries is a as standard as lettuce. Even if it's not in the salad's description, you can bet it comes with fries on top. Even my high school cafeteria put fries on the salad, despite Michelle Obama's devious ways.

Pamela's Diner

Speaking of Michelle Obama, she frequents the Pittsburgh classic, Pamela's Diner, and so does Barack! The most charming part of this local chain is that after your brunch, you can go pick up your meds at the pharmacy side of the diner! It's hard to go wrong with anything on the menu at Pamela's, but the best are the pancakes, waffles, and milkshakes. The pancakes are thin and the size of Josh Peck's head, and rolled up like a burrito filled with every mix in you can think of. Barack loves them, and so do I.

Smiley Cookies

Eat n Park's the place for smiles, literally. From the smiles on the pancakes to the smiles on the waitress's face to the smile I get when Oreo is the pie of the month, there are smiles everywhere in this place. But no smile is bigger than the smiley cookie's smile (these cookies are huge and delicious and feed my nostalgic sweet tooth).

Iron City and Yuengling beer

Pittsburgh beer is GOOD beer. I feel sorry for people who can't get IC Light at literally any bar they go to, and I feel even more sorry for the people who can't get Yuengling ice cream dahn at the Gian' Iggle.

Heinz Ketchup

My friend's looked at me like I was crazy when I asked a waitress for ketchup, but then handed the bottle back when it wasn't Heinz. Non-Pittsburgh will just never understand. Does Giant Eagle even sell non-Heinz ketchup?