PIIT28 Made Me Document My Fitness Journey For A Month And The Results Were Spectacular
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PIIT28 Made Me Document My Fitness Journey For A Month And The Results Were Spectacular

The physical and mental gains are real.

PIIT28 Made Me Document My Fitness Journey For A Month And The Results Were Spectacular
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Last year, I started my PIIT28 journey.

If you’re not familiar with it, you should get started.

Cassey Ho started the program in 2016 to become more fit and squeeze working out into busy schedules. If you feel you don’t have enough time to work out, this program is perfect.

You even have one day of rest! (Called PIIT Stops)

The entire workout is four rounds and seven moves each round.

The first round is certainly not the worst. You may feel sore from the warm-up, but compared to the second round, round one is a breeze.

I am not going to lie, round two feels like death.

My heart races, my brain is tired, and I feel like I can’t go on any further. When I finish round two and start round three, my workout quickens tenfold, and I’m excited to almost be done.

Round four is fun because your adrenaline pushes you to finish the workout, and you’re done your daily workout in no time.

The rounds are 45 seconds of activity and 15 seconds of rest, but each move goes from high intensity to low intensity.

I can guarantee you won’t get bored.

Each day works on a different body part, with catchy names like "Cardio Camp" and "Bubble Butt."

One day is more or less 40 minutes including the six-minute warm up in the beginning and flexibility training at the end. The workout portion is 28 minutes and 40 seconds total, hence the name PIIT28.

The program also lasts for 28 days, but I chose to go on the second round for a total of 56 days. The second round is the same as the first month but adds the Flat Abs Fix 1.0 for the six days of activity to build core strength and sculpt ab definition.

On the usual rest days, you add in Stronger 1.0 to strengthen your muscles.

If you’re on a budget, the program is fairly cheap at $39 USD. By signing up for Cassey’s email list and following her on social media, you’ll stay up-to-date on promos for PIIT28.

I already eat healthily, but I also purchased the 28 Day Reset for improved results. This is a 28-day omission challenge that takes out dairy, added sugars, gluten, processed grains and alcohol.

It will help you see if you have any food sensitivities.

When on this program, I found out that I had a sensitivity to dairy after years of undiagnosed stomach pains.

After the reset, Cassey teaches you to slowly incorporate the foods you want to keep in your diet. The program offers one vegan and one regular option. This program is more than PIIT28 at $69 USD separately.

However, you can purchase all three versions of PIIT and the 28 Day Reset for $99, which is a pretty good deal considering each version costs $39.

I felt lighter after the reset, and I could see small changes in my body after the 56 days of PIIT 1.0.

What was most amazing was the Instagram challenge.

I am so used to flipping through Instagram and feeling horrible about myself after looking at the girls who are much more toned than I am.

Before PIIT, I would feel less motivated to work out because I would think to myself, “What’s the point? I’ll never look like these girls.”

I always grew up with a horrible self-confidence and still struggle with it today. I was always a chubby kid and yearned to be like my skinny friends.

The #PIITSTAGRAM Challenge changed all that.

I don’t do PIIT frequently anymore, but I am still part of the PIIT community. They are so welcoming and encouraging of all fitness journeys. They are from all over the world, and I was happy to see they were all shapes and sizes.

I am not a fitness guru, so I found it incredibly rewarding when people gave nice comments on my posts. They would even DM me to check in how I was doing.

I have met so many friends by just joining this community.

As a bit of an introvert, I wasn’t sure how I would talk to people I’ve never even met before, but I was happy that I did.

While I was doing PIIT, I could see and feel small changes in my body. When I went into dressing rooms, I was actually proud of the gains in my body and didn’t cringe when I looked at my thighs or tummy.

I was finally happy. My pants were looser, my smile was brighter and my confidence was at an all-time high.

After PIIT, you even earn a cool fitness tank by completing the program and doing the #PIITSTAGRAM Challenge.

This year, I started college so I have been less consistent with working out. It’s more difficult to do PIIT in college dorms since you make a lot of noise, and I live on the third floor with a roommate.

I’ve gone to our gym, and even though it’s nice to work out, I miss PIIT28.

That is why this summer I am going to continue my journey with PIIT 2.0.

I highly recommend PIIT28. There are times when you feel like you are going to give up, but when you power through the workouts, you feel incredibly accomplished.

This is a fantastic PIIT review here.

If you want more advice, follow me on my PIITSTAGRAM.

Interested? Start your fitness journey today.

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