Pierre: The Frenchiest French Man
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Pierre: The Frenchiest French Man

He's got the accent, the clothes, and taste of France.

Pierre: The Frenchiest French Man

Meet Pierre:

Pierre...how to describe Pierre? Pierre has this walk, he walks with swagger. He always looks like he's up to no good, though he's the sweetest guy ever! He has a mischievous smile and the sexy French accent going on.His Parisian style gave him a cool edge, or maybe that edge came from rolling his own cigarettes. To describe Pierre in one word? Cool. He is just cool. But what makes him even better is that he's generous, honest, and thoughtful.

Pierre is one of my best friends from Holger, always teaching me French slang that I will never remember, or telling me about his life in back home. He was the guy that bought a TV for his Xbox when he got to Denmark, but he ended up letting all of us use it for movie nights. He'd bring the TV to the kitchen, where a few of us would gather to enjoy the film chosen over the group chat. Once, he brought it over to me and Nancy's room and we rearranged the beds to create our very own movie theater.

The greatest lesson I got from Pierre was the importance of sharing. He said to me once, "what's the point of having it all if you don't have anyone to share it with? It's just more fun to have less but to have people to share it with." That really stuck. We were total strangers, but he never once doubted in sharing anything with us. I think that's ultimately what made me love him so much.

MY favorite Pierre moment was a Wednesday afternoon in March. The sun was finally peeking out, and on that sunny day, Pierre and I had a 4-hour lecture. We had talked about skipping class while on our way there, but he felt bad not showing up, so against all odds I made it to class that day. About half way through, however, we looked at each other and then at the door and we were gone. We were off on our adventure, we caught the metro and left school to sit in the sun. We were out until dusk just talking about our lives back home. That day we became just a little closer.

This is the last of my Holger articles. I wish I could have written all 68 of them, but time did not permit for me to get close enough to everyone. Though I will always hold a place in my heart for each of my housemates, and my home will always be your home.

Love you Pierre! I wouldn't have picked anyone else to write my last article on.

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