New serial graffiti artist work discovered on the side of a Trader Joe's.

This Saturday another original Ayer piece was found spraypainted on the side of a Trader Joe's. Ayer seems to be hitting all the major shopping sites that a member of the bourgeoisie might attend today. Examples include Trader Joe's, Burberry, A farmers market, and a Barnes n Nobles. His work is typically featured around the law and his vape prowess. We actually got an exclusive interview with Ayer and he had this to say:

“Yeah I basically just bring my spray wherever my mom is going because I have to do errands with that capitalist spend thrift.”

Ayer has been known to publicly humiliate the law with his art. In this piece he seems to be commenting on the polices code of honor as a policeman holds a gun to himself. The crudely drawn images comment on how fragile and poorly constructed our safety officers code of justice is. Truly an inspirational piece. We here at this magazine that is real cannot wait to see more.