My mind races at incredible speeds. Thoughts forming and branching off into other ideas like the fission of atoms. Neurons working overtime to serve my consciousness. With a young mind that is so restless, how can one decide on a life's work when they are in awe of life itself? I wonder how it must feel to be a master in one particular field. I am referring to those who have dedicated their lives to one cause. Moving through life in a linear fashion towards one goal. Typically they are notable in society for their achievements, inventions, vast knowledge, etc. I wish to spend one day in their world to see firsthand what it takes for such a commitment. This curiosity stems from a belief I have about towards these types of people. I believe they are working towards the future I dream of. Building technology that only exists in science fiction novels or films, supercomputers and AI, making sense of the vast universe, finding cures to life-ending diseases, neutralizing natural catastrophes, must I go on?

No matter how much I feed the abyss, that is my appetite for knowledge, I'm left wanting more. I just find so many things to be fascinating. I recently finished reading a book in which the main character was faced with a difficult choice; pursue a life of research that would demand his full attention or stay with the women of his dreams and create a simple family life. This means choosing between being social and maintaining connections with those you care about or going on your own path ignoring critics to travel along a plane of uncertainty, but driven by curiosity and a quest for answers. All in the efforts of challenging what we see as barriers for mankind and finding solutions to these mind-boggling questions.

For all my complaints about college. One thing I love about this place is that I have an opportunity to interact with others about topics that we both find intriguing. However, it's also frustrating to be placed here and told to declare for a major when in the short term it seems like that choice will dictate the rest of your life. I need more time. Some might say that I'm a procrastinator or that I'm lazy for saying that, but when you have hunger as strong as the one I bare, you will come to a similar conclusion; it will be very time consuming or we simply don't have enough time to reach such mastery for all of our interests.

I tried my best to keep this article consistent from going off into different routes and it very well could have. Like I said before my mind races at high speeds. I hope this reaches those who can relate.