Because Of Edward Witten, Physics Isn't The Same

As of the time I am writing this, the next day will be August 26th. This is Edward Witten's 66th birthday. Although, this may be published after that. I would like to write this article to thank Dr.Witten for his many aspiring contributions to Theoretical Physics.

Now you may be wondering who is Edward Witten or why do I care? Since I was around 10, I was always a fan of Dr.Witten. I started getting more into his books though as a teenager. My fascination in physics started young from the time of watching PBS's NOVA.

Today, Edward Witten is the literally one of the greatest Theoretical Physicist of the 21st century. His work is what led to M-Theory and a much bigger understanding of the origins of superstring theory, as well as unifying research in fields such as Quantum Gravity and entanglement.

Being able to understand hyperbolic space and topology is cool, but it also entails more then what meets the eye. This can lead to greater advancements in fields such as AI, Quantum Computing, Energy Storage, Nanotechnology, among others. Many people see it as just an understanding of natural phenomena. However, the higher we understand, the more we can innovate further. Scientific inquiry can lead us towards a more technologically modern civilization.

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