4 Phrases That Sum Up Today's Misconception of Love

4 Phrases That Sum Up Today's Misconception of Love

Here are a few phrases that have made us confused about what love is supposed to look like.

I think one of the main reasons that people my age and younger feel so pressured to get into a relationship right now is partially because of the concept behind relationships that we've been taught since we were little. We've heard certain phrases and been told fairytales that essentially teach us that we won't be happy until we are with the loves of our lives. I'm not saying that I hate these phrases; I'm pointing out how they have affected those of us who are single- or at least how they have affected me. Here are a few examples:

"He's my better half."

This implies that you alone are a half, and your partner alone is a half. Unless you feel whole alone, you will always view yourself half as valuable as you really are. When God says that the two become one, He does not mean that He is bringing two halves together to make one whole; He's bringing two whole people together into one powerhouse of wholeness so that you can further complete His will.

Yes, you'll be able to do more, amazing things once you've been joined with God's partner for your life. Notice the comma. What you're doing when you're single is just as valuable to the kingdom as what you'll do with your spouse one day.

"She completes me."

Although I'm a firm believer in Christ creating us a partner that will make us want to better ourselves, our edification should never solely rest in human hands. Only God has the capacity to fill our voids, so God should complete you before you are in a relationship. He's not waiting for you to find somebody; He didn't create a person with the power to make you complete. Completion is in Christ alone.

"Your Prince Charming is on his way,"


"Just keep waiting for your Prince Charming."

(I don't know if there's some type of male-equivalent of this that guys are told.)

This is one of those phrases that put pressure on guys and makes them feel like they are on a mission to go and find their princesses. Also, this makes girls/women feel like there is someone out there coming for them if they just wait long enough. Listen, maybe it's just my personality but I'm not waiting on love. I have love already. I'm working while I'm being prepared for my future husband- not sitting around and counting down the days for him to arrive.

I pray that my future husband is working on himself and allowing God to work in him; I pray that he isn't spending his time searching for me. I don't think that you have to seek out God's will for your future spouse when you're already living in His will; I think that's a part of the plan that will come naturally.

I'm not an anti-romantic who thinks that these phrases are evil; I think they're cute as long as we remember that we weren't created to be completely dependent on a single human. I personally can't wait to post pictures of my future spouse and say things that let everyone know how emotionally dependable he will be, but I'm not going to paint him as someone who I depend on more than Christ.

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The 7 Guys You Meet In College

You might even move in together.

So, college is the place where people usually date the people they would never have dated before. Some of them are great. Some of them are weird, which is sometimes great, sometimes not so great. Some of them are just plain terrible. Here are 7 of the guys you meet in college.

1. The cool frat guy

Okay. So, we aren't all going to date Nick Jonas but, when I think of the cool frat guy, he comes to mind. The cool frat guy is cool with everyone. Maybe a little too cool with some people. He's a good guy to date but do not get serious with him. Give him a few years and he might be perfect.

2. The jerk frat guy

This guy is someone most girls will probably never date because they're too average. This guy only wants what he can't have. He wants the cheerleaders or the dance line members or the oddly attractive professor who all want nothing to do with him. The "average" girls pine after him and he strings them along. Then, at the party he invites them to, he gets one of the drunk cheerleaders to make out with him in front of her. Don't waste you time on this guy.

3. The guy with the not so great band

Bless his heart. He's a great musician on his own. Especially if he's playing covers. But when it comes to "jamming" with his friends, oh boy. The band comes before anything else. He forgets to eat. He drinks too much. He alienates himself and then acts like you don't care about him or his music. Be friends with him. Support him. Maybe they won't be so terrible soon.

4. The 26-year-old who was secretly dating a 16-year-old

Oh boy! These are the guys that just can't grow up. He's 26 and still goes to high school parties. He's even secretly dating a 16 year old until she turns 18. Don't be friends with him. He's toxic. When he goes down, he will drag you with him.

5. The guy who only dates one type of girl

Not all of this kind of guy are ugly or jerks. They just have a type. There are, however, the guys that look like a toe who refuse to date anyone other than supermodels. They only surround themselves with people they see as equal, which means ridiculously attractive people.

If he considers you ugly and you just so happen to be in his friend group, it's not a good thing. He will probably be mean to you, no matter what your gender. He's just a jerk for no reason. That's not to talk down about having a type, though. There's nothing wrong with having a type. Everyone has a type. Just don't be a jerk.

6. Mr. Right Now

This guy. He really is a great guy. He's just not THE guy. He's spontaneous. You take trips out of the blue all of the time. You go to random concerts. You might even move in together. It just doesn't seem right. Something feels wrong in your gut. You don't know why but you ignore it a while. You love him and you can't imagine your life without him.

That part depends on the length of your relationship. Anyway, you decide to end it and he's okay with it because he felt the same all along. You're still going to be great friends and possibly invited to each other's weddings. It'll be a fun story for your kids one day.

7. Mr. Right

You will most likely meet him in college. He might not go to the same school. You might have met him and had a crush on him while you were with Mr. Right Now or The Cool Frat Guy. You might have a meet-cute or it might be extremely boring. Any way that it happens, it will happen. You guys might not know it right then. You might not feel it right then. Mr. Right is not someone I have personally met but I've heard that he's wonderful. So, if you have met him, you're lucky.

I know a lot of these references, "Mr." I am only able to speak from my own experience. If you love girls, you go girl! read this as your own inner dialogue. I love everyone.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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