Whether you want to eventually become a professional photographer or just have it as a hobby, here are some tips for capturing the best shots. I learned some of these on my own and some I learned in school. You won't learn everything in a class, sometimes you need to get your own experience to learn how to take the perfect shot.

1. Choose something you love and focus on that.

Allison Kline

Something I have always enjoyed capturing is nature. I am always taking pictures of the world around me when I am outside. If I want to remember something, it is captured on my phone or camera. Make sure that whatever you are focusing on is not in the center, it should be a little off-centered.

2. Less is always more.


Do you remember always being told that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well it's true, having fewer things in a shot can say so much more than if it was cluttered.

3. Try to use as much natural light as possible.


Having natural light makes the photo seem more real. If your photographing a person, then it will show their skin color the right way instead of making the person look all washed out.

4. Use the right mode.


There are many different modes to use on a camera for different sense. Some photos might be better having one subject completely clear while everything around it is blurry. Having the background out of focus makes your eyes go right to the main subject.

5. Always think of the "rule of thirds."


The rule of thirds is when you use a grid outline to focus on one subject. If you want a certain subject to be the main focus, then make it in the center square or a little more in the end squares.

6. Avoid a shaky camera.


If you are like me and can never keep your hands still enough to get a sharp photo, use a tripod so it is stable and not blurry. By doing this, you will make people drawn to the picture cause they know what it is and its not too out of focus.

7. Know when filters will work for a picture, and when they won't.


There are some filters that make the colors of your main focus stand out. If you want your subject to be bright and stand out, then use some contrast filters.