10 Things Stationery Nerds Love

Back-to-school season means a lot of things. Seeing old friends, meeting new professors, and getting back to campus ready for a fresh start. But the best part about heading back to class isn't catching up with your besties or spending time in your college town.

It's buying new stationary.

As a stationery nerd, I wait for that special time of year where I can stock up on new pens, all of the colorful Sharpies, and the beloved agenda. We all have the freshest pencils to write with and the most durable notebooks to toss into our bags on the way to class.

Here are 10 things stationary nerds freak out about during back to school season.

1. New pens


So smooth. So beautiful. So effortless. I could spend hours at Staples using those sample writing pads scribbling away to find a pen that writes the best. Whether you use it to pen in events in your agenda or write on the back of your hand for a quick reminder, pens are a gift from the stationary heavens.

2. Durable pencils


You know which ones I'm talking about. Those pencils that you know and trust, like those thick Paper Mate mechanical pencils or the classic BIC mechanical pencils always come in handy. Buy what you know, and never go back.

3. Fresh higlighters


Highlight your notes, your textbooks, your agenda, and pretty much your entire life. All different colors, see-through tips, erasable highlighters, gel highlighters. The possibilities are endless.

4. New agenda


There's something about a fresh and crisp agenda that gets me pumped and ready for another school year. Empty pages soon fill with assignments, events, and breaks from class. You may forget about writing in your agenda halfway through the semester, but remember that you were motivated at one point.

6. Five Star journals


Dependable. Durable. You KNOW when you toss it in your bag that the cover won't rip off. Five Star may be a bit pricier than that cheap notebook at Walmart, but you can be sure that it will last you all semester.



I use Sharpies for everything. Writing quick notes on paper, labeling notebooks, and jotting down events in my planner. They are versatile, permanent, and so useful as a college student.

7. Washi tape


Washi tape is my best friend. Use it to block out days in your agenda, tape stuff to your walls while being cute, and use it to literally decorate anything and everything.

8. Felt tip pens


The best type of pens around. Period.

9. Colorful Sticky Notes


Write on Sticky Notes for small to do lists, brilliant ideas you have before going to bed, and to jot down notes to stick into your textbooks. Sticky Notes are a blessing and are definitely worth buying tons to get that amazing waterfall effect.

10. Cards and envelopes


Truly a lost art in the world of stationery. I bought some cards and envelopes this year in the hope that when birthday cards, congratulations, or thanks are in order, people know that I care about them with a written card, not a typed up text message.

Going back to school may be tough for everyone, but if you are a stationery nerd like myself, you WAIT for this time of year. My fellow stationery lovers, rejoice in the time of year and get ready to shop!

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