A Photo Series: Freshman Year Of College And What It Teaches You
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Student Life

A Photo Series: Freshman Year Of College And What It Teaches You

Coffee stained tongues and soulless eyes. Welcome to freshman year of college.

A Photo Series: Freshman Year Of College And What It Teaches You
Mikayla Woolwine

Starting in about the second week of my freshman journey, I pulled up photo booth on my laptop while in the library and tired of typing. I then decided to do the same thing every time I found myself sitting on my computer (if I remembered, that is). No matter my mood, the weather, or how I looked, I would take a snapshot. Looking back once the year ended I was surprised at what each picture captured, the truth. A truth I am sure is relatable to other students, so I figured I'd share it. I hope you enjoy!

1. The homework face.

I have a homework face, I've learned. It looks grumpy and tired and confused all at the same time. Do not look at me when I have my homework face on. It ain't cute.

2. Stress makes you weird.

Give a student coffee, a due date, no sleep, and stress, and this is what you get.

3. Second guessing all life decisions becomes a usual practice.

A practice I now consider my specialty.

4. Home is where free printing is.

Here I was at 12 a.m., wishing that light above my head worked like the metaphor. This isn't the face of a girl with an idea, but rather a girl all out of 'em.

5. Laughter is the best medicine and roommates are the best distractions.

This amused me greatly.

6. New surroundings help keep things interesting.

I don't know about you, but if I kept doing my homework in the same place, I would get crazy bored and nothing would get done. So I learned to move around.

7. Roommate cameo!

She was studying bio and I was completing a health module. Classic.

8. The simple things make you happy happy happy.

The roommate (pictured above) surprised me with a panda mug and I was obviously super happy about it. Tea and homework at 12 a.m. Tired, but content.

9. Coffee is coffee.

Whether it's watered down, dark roast, french vanilla, or cold brew. Coffee is coffee is energy is focus.

10. Music. Means. Everything.

Ed Sheeran's new album came out. This was me listening to it. And getting nothing done.

11. You learn what it's like to be a potato.

Just two potatoes, watching Shane Dawson instead of doing homework probably.

12. The more days, the less makeup.

Keeping up appearances becomes harder and harder, as you can tell by the timeline of pictures. With each passing day I feel like your looks matter less and less.

13. When you turn in an essay, the world is okay again.

Then you gotta get back to business because you have another essay or another test due the next day.

14. You ask God to give you strength.

Lord, please don't allow me to go crazy or fall asleep while studying. Amen.

15. Move-out day information is posted, but you still have loads to do.

Time flies when you're busy and you're left debating whether that's a good or a bad thing.

16. You may find out you have an easy final.

This was actually my reaction to finding that out. I'm not sorry. (I aced the final, hello).

17. What online class actually looks like.

No lie. This is freedom. This is pajamas and slippers and pure joy.

18. Cram cram cram cram cram cram cram.

Sometimes you have to do extra work to have a fun day. This was taken so late, my roommates were even sleeping. I don't regret it.

19. Rewards are necessary.

I was watching Scrubs, half way through finals, and packing for the summer. I recommend sitting in a cool chair for bonus happy points.

20. Before you know it, it's all over.

This was my last all-nighter, hours before my last final, and the day before I moved out for good. It's weird how you hold onto the idea of being done, but once it's actually there, it freaks you out.

So, those were pictures from the beginning of my freshman year to the very last day. I hope it was relatable for some of you and not just me learning and going through these things. Looking back, I wrote a lot of essays, looked grumpy probably too much, learned a lot and had enough fulfilling moments of laughter and happiness to make it all worth it. I am left very much excited for this next year and I hope you're not too tired of my face, for I may do this again. Here's to the future and many more homework filled nights at the campus Starbucks.

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