If You Could Have A Phone Call With God
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If I Could Make A Phone Call To God...

There are a million questions I would like to ask, and only the big man upstairs has the answers.


I have often thought about what it would be like if I could have a conversation with God... What would I say? What would I ask first? Or would I just cry out of the reality I finally get to speak to my savor? The truth is I do not know, but I do have some ideas about what it would be like if I could make a phone call to God.

I know I would first love to spend some time talking about God himself, maybe ask him how his day is going if he has ever had a favorite color or song he likes to dance too. God is a mystery in many ways, so it would be a fun conversation to talk to him about himself.

I would also like to hear him talk to me first hand about the Bible and ignore what anyone else has tried to misinterpret it as, and just listen to him speak his words and his stories.

I would ask him if he has greeted my loved ones who have gone to join him in Heaven. I'd be curious to know if my dad is singing with Elvis like he always said he wishes he could. And if he has met all of them, how does he make the time to meet everyone in Heaven? Does he pause time? Or does he just spend some days meeting all of his children?

Frankly, there are so many questions I have for God, I don't even know where I'd begin. Praying is the closest thing to a phone call we can get, so even then I like to ask him questions about life, pain, love, family, and about himself. The amazing thing is I know he listens because many of my questions will find answers, even if its ones I don't like.

God finds a way to watch out for all of us, even if we don't think so. He hands us gifts every day of sun and rain, food and water, families and loved ones, and our bodies to help us enjoy this life. He hands us all the puzzle pieces of life, and it's our decision how wisely we use them. Will we take for granted our health, or embrace what health we have? Will we dance in the sun and the rain? Will we live life to all of its abilities that he has blessed us with?

The last thing I'd like to say if I made a phone call to God is a simple thank you... A thank you for the life I've been given, the family and friends that enjoy it with me, the strength you give me to make it through the storms, the love you fill my heart with to share with others. A thank you for saving me, and now I know that each day I wake up, I am blessed because if nothing else I have you God, and that is enough.

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