Friends is one of television's most successful shows and it's a pop culture phenom. I however, arrived to the party late. I only recently became a Friends fan. I mean, I was only 14 when the show ended.

Thanks to Netflix I have discovered the awesomeness of Friends and I am officially obsessed. But while so many of you are all on the Jennifer Aniston bandwagon and relish in everything Rachel Green guess what—

Phoebe Buffay was the best character of Friends. Phoebe was the realest person on the show. She was the true star and here's why:

She was poetic

She was honestI mean she never lied and told someone her boss wanted to buy her baby, just saying.

She was selflessPhoebe always looked out for the other's in the group, even if it meant sacrificing herself to whatever daunting task Monica would come up

She stood for unityPhoebe cared about the important things in life.

She was a great motivatorPhoebe proved to be an excellent source for moral support and encouragement throughout 10 seasons.

She was extremely confident...

...but she also knew her true worth.She was toughIf there was ever a time when you needed back up in a fight, I'm sure Phoebe could throw some hands.

She was a great dancerWho wouldn't want to take this chick to the club?

She was resourcefulShe was a clapback queen

She was passionate

and finally... SHE WAS AWESOME!

Thank you for being you Phoebe, thank you.

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