Philosophy for some reason often gets a bad rep these days. Whether it is the typical, "you'll never find a job with a philosophy degree," (which mind you is not completely true!) or the oh so fallacious and heartbreaking statement of, "philosophy has no relevance today," us lovers of wisdom (which is what the word philosophy actually means in Greek) always find ourselves defending the need for philosophy in our postmodern world. It's quite strange really because so many disciplines rely so heavily on philosophy without us even knowing it! Not to mention that we as humans philosophize just about every day! Shoot, even in mainstream cultures like Hip-Hop many topics rapped about are philosophical in nature. (From Tupac to Kendrick, it can be argued that hip hop houses many great thinkers of today.) Yet, this article is not about how the skills you learn from philosophy can be transferred to other fields or how it has been documented that Philosophy majors score amazingly high scores on their LSAT tests. This article is to show all of you that one KANT simply (see what I did there...) top philosophy jokes. After all, the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein did once say that "a serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes." So LOCKE your eyes on your mobile device and lets get EMPIRICAL!:

I mean, it's okay for philosophy majors to joke about this...Just not anyone else!

1) Cartesian Roommate

2) Sorry Bernie Sanders supporters...Karl Marx beat ya to it a long time ago!

3) Plato's man cave seems almost to good to be true...

4) **MIC DROP**

5) Darth Vader drops some epistemology up in here

6) Ever wonder why us philosophy majors don't tend to spend time together outside of class?...

7) Hume's back at it again!

8) Sigmund Freud's answers to all of your life's problems

9) Is Trump a closet dialectic enthusiast? (I really want to know who get's this one!)

10) Socrates and Son...sounds like a good comedy sitcom.