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6 Phases Of The Semester Every College Student Experiences


6 Phases Of The Semester Every College Student Experiences

The semester is a huge roller coaster for everyone. Some weeks we have no work to do and others we don't have one minute to spare. As the semester goes on, people start to become more and more worried, and the fluctuation of work can only make this stress worse for students. The ups and downs of this can be hard for students to manage since in high school most people had a constant amount of work to do. Since the semester is beginning, I thought it important to point out the 6 phases of the semester that we will all be experiencing at one point or another.

1. Excitement 

After a long break away from your best friends, everyone is excited to get back to school and create a new routine for the next few months. This is the time for a fresh start!

2. Denying that worry is starting to hit

After the first 2 or 3 weeks of classes, work slowly starts to build up. It is way too early to start complaining, so we all have to pretend that this work isn't stressing us out! This works for a bit.

3. Admitting defeat as midterms approach

Sooner than we expect, the first round of midterms comes along and we have to admit defeat to ourselves. The stress begins and our excitement seems like it was so far too long ago.

4. Regaining confidence after midterms

After some very hard tests, we begin to tell ourselves that we can do it and that the time until finals will be organized and manageable. Deep down we all know this is not true.

5. Nearing full mental breakdown during finals

Ah, finals. The worst time of year for every student. The stress we have gets in the way of every daily function we have. Pushing through finals without having at least one mental breakdown is probably one of life's greatest challenges.


After work that felt endless, you have to give yourself credit for making it through. You did it! Now go celebrate.

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