The Phases You Go Through In College As Told By A Star Is Born
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The Phases You Go Through In College As Told By A Star Is Born

Because who doesn't love a little Lady Gaga melodrama while you navigate college?

The Phases You Go Through In College As Told By A Star Is Born

As we begin college, we acknowledge and accept that we will embark on the most significant growth journey of our lives at this point. Sure, you changed many times in high school, but college is where you metamorphose into the nervous but successful adult. The first day is unpacking your bags and taking in the sights, but everything begins after your first night's sleep on campus. I'm in my second semester and I've had to make a lot of decisions this week like applying to be a peer mentor and research assistant, planning where I'll be living in the fall, and how to ensure better use of my time as I take on more hours at work. When I do get time to relax, though, I watch A Star Is Born because it not only lets me escape into the world of fame and fortune but also lets me release any stress through crying at the end (I won't spoil it for you guys). It sounds like the opposite of what I should be watching, but different things work for different people.

When you have to make your first grown-up decision.


We've all been there, even if the choice you have to make is as small as applying for your first credit card or job. For some of us, it can be as big as deciding where to live next year or switching your major after working so hard on your original choice. As Jackson Maine shows here, sometimes all you need is a little love and support to guide you (or in this case, Ally) in the right direction!

Your first finals week.


It all sounds good on paper during syllabus week and you think you'll have more than enough time to study for all of your classes. Then reality hits and you still have three papers and five discussion posts due before you can even start to review. Fast-forward and you finally see the light after turning in your last scantron!

Your first breakup.


That awkward moment when you see your ex for the first time since it happened. But, like most people in life say, there's so many other fish in the sea! And, hopefully, by now you've realized your self-worth and that you deserve better anyway!

Finally, graduation.


The day's finally come and you're the grown-up, powerful person you knew you'd always become. Now, onto better things and better experiences!

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