Peter questions authenticity in episode 3 of 'The Bachelor'
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Peter questions authenticity in episode 3 of 'The Bachelor'

Monday's episode was a real "finasco"

Peter questions authenticity in episode 3 of 'The Bachelor'

Last week was a crazy one, with #ChampagneGate trending all over the Internet after the feud between Kelsey and Hannah Ann.

Well, it continued in last night's episode *pretends to be shocked* with Kelsey crying over the events from the night before. I don't understand why we're still talking about it. Who cares if Hannah Ann stole the champagne on purpose? We all know the producers set it up and told Hannah Ann to find the champagne they set out for her and Peter, and it just so happens that they found Kelsey's set up first. I do not think for a second that Hannah Ann intentionally did that. I am suspicious of Hannah Ann, I'll admit it, but I don't believe she would cross that line.

Kelsey pulls Hannah Ann aside to talk about it again. She admits she doesn't even really like champagne anyway, and I think everyone in America is thinking WHAT?! THEN WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS? WHY IS THIS EVEN A BIG DEAL? LET. THE. CHAMPAGNE. GO.

"I would never do that to someone. Why would I steal champagne?"

The funniest part of this entire interaction was not only Kelsey and Hannah Ann crying through this talk, but also the other women sitting on the couch nearby talking about how annoyed they were by the whole situation. I feel you, girls. I'm over it too.

Victoria P. lands a one-on-one date with Peter, and he takes her to a general store to pick out some cowboy boots and a hat so that they can go line dancing at one of Peter's favorite hang-out spots.

The date was cute, Victoria and Peter have a connection, and seeing Peter showcase his dancing skills was everything I wanted to see.

Later that night, Peter and Victoria enjoy dinner in an airplane hangar. I love that the producers are continually incorporating Peter's occupation on these dates.

During these dinner dates, things always get personal, as this is the moment for the contestant to share their story. Victoria doesn't hold back as she recounts the story of her childhood.

"My dad passed away when I was young, and after that, my mom kind of fell into addiction."

My heart went out to her as she also talked about being in and out of shelters, not knowing if they would have food to eat. Something that I really enjoyed about this moment was Peter's face as she told him her story. He listened attentively, and you could see in his facial expression that her story moved him, and my respect level for Peter increased tremendously at that moment.

"This shows me what kind of person you are," he says.

Peter was so appreciative of Victoria sharing her story with him, and he goes on to tell her that before his season began, he prayed to God to watch over his future wife. And he saw a shooting star right after, which he took as a confirmation that God was answering his wishes. Yes, Peter. YES. We love a praying man.

Back at the mansion, Alayah AKA Miss Texas 2019 is shown parading around in a pilot's hat while talking about her wild sides and pageant life.

"I mean, I'm very good at putting on a face when I need to."

Sydney does an interview where she talks about her concerns about Alayah. She believes Alayah is fake. When these kinds of accusations are made, tensions rise, and you know this is going to come out and manifest more unnecessary drama that ultimately will be the downfall of either Sydney or Alayah.

The next morning, all of the women on the group date — Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Kiarra, Sarah, Alayah, Savannah, Sydney — are awoken by a group of women who are smacking them in the face with pillows. Demi, a former contestant on Colton's season of 'The Bachelor' and season 6 of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' comes out with a bullhorn and orders the women downstairs as she introduces the two scary women with her: Champagne and Killer.

They pass out a bag to each of the women going on the date and inside is a pajama lingerie set. Kiarra, this girl who I haven't seen much of so far this season, pronounced lingerie as "ling-ger-ee." I couldn't stop laughing. This is why I could never be on 'The Bachelor,' I'd be the girl who mispronounced words and made a fool of myself on TV. What was even funnier was Hannah Ann was talking about the champagne drama and instead of saying it was a fiasco, she called it a "finasco." I need a moment. I can't believe we were graced with this content all in one episode.

Demi tells the women that she planned this "Extreme Pillow Fight Club" date to help the women get out some anger they have toward each other. Brilliant, just what these women need because apparently, no one can have mature adult conversations to discuss their differences in the most loving way possible.

For the championship round, Sydney and Alayah face-off (Bachelor producers out here doing this intentionally to cause more drama), and Alayah wins, which gives Sydney all the more reason to despise her.

At the cocktail party that night, Sydney asks Alayah if she ever works, and Alayah says she works three jobs. Sydney goes on to ask questions about the pageant life and subtly hints that maybe all her training has caused her to be good at faking it, which Alayah didn't disagree with Sydney. Interesting.

Sydney talks to Peter and tells him that she thinks some women are putting on a show for the cameras. The last thing Peter would want to experience is a Hannah Brown ending where he's being lied to, so Peter confronts all the women and asks Sydney to tell him who it is. Yikes. Nobody would want to be in Sydney's position right now. Sydney calls Alayah out, and I'm on the edge of my seat, wondering how this is going to end. Peter lets the girls talk it out as he walks away, but Alayah goes after him to defend herself. Peter doesn't seem so convinced, and he even gives Sydney the group date rose for putting him first and caring about his heart.

The next day, Chris Harrison comes to the mansion to tell the women they are spending the afternoon with Peter at a pool party. Every time they have one of these, it's always because the Bachelor or Bachelorette needs clarity and answers, so I wasn't expecting anyone actually to swim at this "pool party." (I was right, I didn't see a single person in the pool. So much for a pool party)

Peter talks to multiple women who all believe Alayah acts a certain way when the cameras are on, which only makes Peter more concerned about if Alayah is being real with him or not. When Alayah talks to Peter, he asks her if she can think of a reason why the women might call her fake, and she says she's not sure. She should have brought up the fact that she does pageants. I have nothing against pageants; I know people who have participated in them, and they are the most genuine people in the world. It's just that women are trained to be put together, and they know how to answer questions or dance around specific questions if they don't have an answer for them, so Alayah could easily use that to her advantage with Peter. But if she told Peter that, she would be giving him an honest answer and she could reassure him that she's not doing that. Peter seems to believe Alayah when she promises him she'd a horrid liar. Everything between them looks good, for now.

Things heat up when Peter pulls Victoria P. aside to ask her what she thinks of Alayah. Victoria reveals that she knew Alayah from pageants, Alayah being Miss Texas, and Victoria being Miss Louisiana. Alayah had asked Victoria not to mention that they knew each other before the show, and Victoria found that to be suspicious.

"She was really open to all the opportunities that would come after this. Maybe she's not the one for you."

One thing for sure: Peter trusts Victoria. He pulls Alayah aside once again to call her out about lying. The look of shock on her face when he mentions Victoria revealed she knew she was caught and that she couldn't lie her way out of this conversation. She played the card of, "I didn't want both of us to be kicked off the show for knowing each other." Like honey, do you not remember last year on Colton's season when Hannah B. and Caelynn came on the show, and they were roommates at Miss USA? Do you not remember when the Haley and Emily Ferguson, who are identical twins, came on Ben Higgin's season a few years ago? That has never been a rule. Peter tells her that she's manipulative with her actions, and he leaves the pool party afterward because he's so upset. The rest of the fake "pool party" gets canceled, and the women await their fate at the rose ceremony that night.

Peter gets down to his final two roses, and he needs a moment to think, so he walks away from the women and talks to Chris Harrison. He is still conflicted on whether or not he should keep Alayah here. Chris asks him what he wants to do, and when Peter goes back to the women, Chris comes and takes one of the roses away, meaning there is only one rose left now. Mykenna looks like she's going to hyperventilate, as she hasn't gotten a rose yet. Alayah also seems a little scared. Peter gives the final rose to Mykenna, who is relieved and gladly accepts his rose.

This means the women going home are Alayah, Alexa, Sarah, and Jasmine. I was happy to see Alayah go home; I had a hard time trusting her. I was upset about Sarah, though. Listen, I had HIGH hopes for Sarah. She's adorable, she obviously didn't cause any drama with anyone, but the girl got NO AIR TIME. We didn't see any interviews with her; we didn't see her relationship with Peter at all. I was frustrated because when Chris Harrison announced the women in December, he talked highly of Sarah. He said she was the cook in the house, and all the women favored her, and she was also apparently a favorite of Peter's. But if that was true, we never got to see that. Justice for Sarah! Bring that girl to Paradise so we can get to know her! She's now the new Grocery Store Joe.

After the rose ceremony, Peter is talking to a producer about how he feels like he might've made the wrong decision (talking about Alayah, I'm sure. Wish he was talking about Sarah). He says the women's opinions of Alayah really swayed his decision. The previews for next week show Alayah returning, and I wonder if she's there to stay or if she's there to defend herself one last time to Peter and the other women.

I'm already predicting next week to out-do all the previous episodes so far in terms of drama. So buckle up, Bachelor Nation. Monday is coming.

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