Peter Kavinsky Gave Milennial Girls New Hope On Finding The One

Peter Kavinsky Gave Milennial Girls New Hope On Finding The One

The rom-com era is making a comeback.


So every decade has the romantic comedy that everyone says is hands down the best love story of all time. There's The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually, The Proposal. The one thing that made them great was the leading man in the movie. The guy who was the cool or tough guy but was the low-key hopeless romantic. These are the movies we grew up loving but we haven't movies that had the same vibe in a while until now.

Heads up, There will be spoilers to the movie below so you've been warned.

"To All The Boys I Love Before" is a Netflix Original movie about a high-school junior girl who wrote five letters to the crushes she has had over the course of her teenage life. Her littl sister sent the letters out and her whole world is turned upside down. The first person to recieve a letter was Peter Kavinsky, a lacrosse player who is labeled as the cool guy but is also a sweet and nice guy. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to make her jealous and help Laura Jean avoid her friend and sister's ex boyfriend, Josh, as he had recieved as well and she's mortified. They decided to start a fake relationship and over the course of the movie, they start falling for each other. What makes the story even better is Peter showing his true colors.

to all the boys i loved before

At first he plays the part of being a fake boyfriend like holding her hand and kissing her in public but her starts doing little things for Laura Jean. He wrote her love notes (on paper), he hung out with her and her little sister, introduced her to his mom and brother. He drove across town to get her favorite yogurt for her just because. On the class ski trip, they get in the hot tub together and Peter tells her that he doesn't want to force her to have sex and that the moment should be special for her. He thought about them being long-term rather than temporary. He was the first one to say how he actually felt about her and that he's in love with her. When a video comes out of the two of them in the hot tub, Laura Jean is harassed and Peter defends her in front of the entire school.


Now mind you, this is based off a best selling book so there is some non-fiction to it but it's a young adult novel that tells the story of being young and wanting to live a fantasy love story but life happens and it's complicated. But when you really care about someone and have feelings you can't describe in just a sentence, that's real feelings and it's a HUGE deal that a guy opens up about his feelings.

The guy who plays him, Noah Centineo, has become the milennial Ryan Gosling and he is exactly like his character in real life. His tweets are filled about love quotes and jokes that will make you swoon to your knees. In a time where girls are always messing around with the wrong guys or getting their hearts broken on the regular and when dating has become so complicated, having this little imaginary hope of there being the perfect guy is pretty nice. And it makes girls think that there's a Peter for every girl out there


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You Need To Binge Watch These 8 Series Before You Die

5. BoJack Horseman


If you think you have run out of TV shows to watch on a lazy day at home, think again. These eight series are the ones that are a must watch and honestly might be some of the best of best. These are the eight series you must binge-watch before you die.

1. Breaking Bad

Widely consider the greatest TV series in history, Breaking Bad is a classic. This show has all the twists and turns that would come from being a Meth cook. Although only lasting 5 seasons, Breaking Bad is truly worth every second. All 5 seasons are available on Netflix.

2. The Wire

This was definitely a close second place behind Breaking Bad. The Wire is the greatest crime drama that has ever been done. The storylines get better and better every season, once again it only lasted five seasons. All five seasons are available on

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This was a tough one to put behind The Wire, sorry all Soprano fans out there. This mob drama was truly epic. Maybe the most death filled show on this list, but my goodness it is worth it. The show went for 6 seasons and is available on as well.

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This one was hard to rank. Do I dare out this above The Wire or The Sopranos? Sorry, can't do it. Mad Men is great it is right behind the other heavyweights, but not by a lot. Mad Men lasted seven seasons and this was a wild ride from start to finish. Mad Men is available to stream on Netflix.

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Netflix's 'Bird Box' Is A Poorly Cast Disaster

Who put Machine Gun Kelly in this movie?


Netflix's "Bird Box" features a remarkably star-studded cast for a Netflix original film. A film with Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock, Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson, and Trevante Rhodes of "Moonlight" fame should be a recipe for success, but it falls prey to lesser casting choices and a strange flashback format.

The biggest issue with "Bird Box" is the flashback format that is used to tell the story. The entire film jumps back and forth from present day to five-or-so years before. It's completely unnecessary and almost completely spoils the plot. There are only three characters in the present day scenes, which lets the audience know that the other nine characters are likely going to perish at some point. The film feels like they shot all the scenes with intent to tell a linear story and decided at the last minute to change up the order just for fun.

The aforementioned Sandra Bullock is really the only saving grace of this film. Her performance is excellent as usual, and there are other performances worth a nod such as that of relative newcomer Danielle McDonald. With that said, the majority of the cast leaves much to be desired, primarily Colson Baker, a rapper better known by stage name Machine Gun Kelly. His role is small and rather insignificant, but every time he's on screen the audience is completely removed from whatever building suspense the film had managed to achieve.

Some of the little critical acclaim that the film has received has been praise for its originality, but it's not as original as it seems. A complaint from many disgruntled horror fans was the similarity of "Bird Box" to John Krasinki's "A Quiet Place." There are similar themes of sensory deprivation in both, but "Bird Box" shows a much more striking similarity to 2008 thriller "The Happening." Both films depict a group of people trying to survive an apocalypse brought on by an invisible entity that causes those who come in contact with it to commit suicide.

For a Netflix film, "Bird Box" has received almost unprecedented success in terms of viewership. Netflix recently stated via Twitter that the film had been viewed by 40 million users in the first week of its release and 80 million users within its first month. With so much quality content on Netflix, it's a shame that such a train wreck of a film has gained so much traction and will likely lead to similar films being produced by the streaming giant. If your planning to watch a Netflix original film any time soon, scratch "Bird Box" off the list.

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