This is one of the areas where I work at, and it surprises me how rude people can be to the person working behind the counter. After 5 years of it there are certain things that stick out. There are more of them, but I’ll leave that for the book I’m writing. Here are my pet peeves for the jewelry counter:

Quit telling me how to do my job. I’ve been working there for so long I really don’t need you to tell me how to do a watch battery, and who to serve first.

Don’t get mad at me when I can’t fix your watch. I don’t have the tools a professional does so the only way I can open one is if it has a latch. If not it requires a pressurized tool. Nothing I have…

I don’t make the rules, and I can’t work on your watch if it’s not a brand we carry in the store due to liability issues.

I hate it when you interrupt me when I’m with someone else because you have a “quick question” have you heard of waiting your turn? Stop being impatient and never interrupt me when I’m with someone.

If they did it at the other store then go there, since each store is run differently…

Not all the stores are the same. They are different and carry different stuff. What one store has the other might not, and I keep telling people they might be exclusive to that store.

Don’t ask me where an item is without looking for it first….

Don’t tap on the glass counter it’s annoying, especially if I have a migraine.

Don’t yell at me about the price of the batteries since I don’t control it.

I don’t care if it’s cheaper at another store if it’s so cheap then go there I really don’t care at all.

Don’t ask me the price if it’s on the tag. Use your head and read first then ask me.

At the counter we don’t have a weighing station so don’t get mad about us not being able to ring up weighable items.

Don’t complain about having to ring up items in the cases at the jewelry counter. That’s the rule, and I didn’t make it. I’ll be happy to walk it up for you to the register just be nice, and don’t be rude about it.

Never, ever film us or take our pictures if we are doing our jobs, and you can’t stand us following the rules.

Never leave your trash on a shelf; instead throw it in a trashcan.

Never leave items in the wrong spot. I hate you if you do this.

Take your attitude somewhere else. I really don’t care if you had a bad day; it doesn’t mean you need to throw it back at me.

If the register has issues, never blame me for it. I don’t control how much money your card has. You do. Not my fault.

Don’t glare at me if you are waiting in line.

Always keep the packaging and receipt for a return.

Don’t get mad about us not doing a return if it’s past the date.

Never use your finger or whistle to get my attention since I’m not a dog.

Don’t remark how it’s such a nice day and how you feel sorry for me being stuck behind the counter.

Don’t ask me if we have a bathroom since we do at the front and the back. It will actually say restroom above it, but what am I saying? Half of the people act like they don’t read anyway.

Don’t ask me if we will ever get a certain item in since we won’t if it’s an old one.

If something is out of stock then it’s out, and we don’t have any in the back cases. Stop bugging me about it.

Don’t be rude period it wont get you anywhere. There is a customer that comes in that I hate dealing with since she is always rude to me by yelling at me when she asks me something.

Once we are closed we are closed, and don’t make me open it back up just so you could get one little thing.

We are human and we make mistakes no reason to make us feel bad about it.

Don’t ask me about stuff online since I don’t work in that area. And if it’s online only then it will say that.

If I ask you if you need help, you don’t need to be rude about it or cut me off.

Lastly stay off your cell phone when you are talking to me and asking for help. It’s rude and it shows me I am not a person worth your time when you need my help. Just put it down when talking to me. I’m a person behind the counter, and not a slave. Just be nice to us and we will be happy to go out of our way for you.