Personal Values
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Personal Values

Values I have learned and experiencing

Personal Values

It seems like everywhere I go now, I feel like I am a role model or have a wealth of knowledge that separates me from the younger generations and makes you feel old and wise. Now, I am not saying old and wise is bad but it makes you realize you as a person are valuable more than a high school diploma, college degree or work experience. Being 24 years old, living hours from home, I carry and use these skills I grew up with that make me who I am and build who I plan to be.

1. Open and Free

Flexibility between work, friends, family is the key for perfect success with associating with one another. Everyone we collaborate with is ether for personal advantage or pleasure, comfort, or experience necessary. Humanity is base around being social and having abilities to talk, read ad write are our ways to communicate. Leaving that door open to one another (aka being free) allows another to be able to come to you even when you are busy. Sometimes the littlest words or just the moment you are willing to share an ear will make you most valuable.

2. Stay Positive

There are times when situations are rough and does not seem like an easy way out. Some of these feel like you have fallen in a pit and can’t manage yourself out of it. Human reaction is to get worked up, mad, upset, you name it. In the long run, does that seem to help? Really it just adds to the problem and you’re in a bigger pit and quick sand below you. Keeping a positive mindset for any situation not only satisfies you but the people you are around. Even in the impossible, things can get done, figured out, fixed. You are a team leader holding this trait because you see the goal ahead and you know you are willing to step up and move towards it.

3. Strong mannerism

One of the biggest pet peeves growing up my parents had was manors and going into stores or just driving the car, I still can hear my mom say a comment to someone indirectly about the rude action they committed to. Everything that was ever given to me, or set for me, please and thank you were necessary words. I have that hammered in me head, even when I don’t need to say it, I always am ready to say it. Not everything has to be given to you so if it is in your best interest for you to have it, manors are necessary. Along with please and thank you, acknowledging your presence is meaningful. Whenever going to work or entering someone else’s home, always there are hellos, good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you, buenos días tardes Noches, como está, you name it. Most people will take notice and make note of your presence being there worth something.

4. Service before self

One if the key values in the United States Air Force is service before self and what that means is putting things first before self fulfillment. This ideology explains that don’t be selfish for your wants, always give a helping hand first before you do for yourself. Could be long term or short term, either way, this will make you valuable.

5. Never stand still

Keep moving, learn and grow. Our complex lifestyles allow us to always learn new ways and techniques, always be willing to learn. This one I learned from working many and various types of jobs. After learning something and doing some thing over and over, sometimes changing it hinges up and doing new things or modifying an old technique builds the value of yourself. I like to try many new things. Leadership, new tasks, new technology. Only way to know these things is by trying them out yourself. Don't mess these opportunities because they are always waiting.

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