A Personal Reflection on Moving To Tiger Country

A Personal Reflection on Moving To Tiger Country

Many find a large campus to be intimidating until they find their niche.


On Sunday when I moved in, I was a nervous wreck. I had tried every type of psychological mind training to tell myself that I had made the correct choice concerning where to go to school. I had spent the summer trying to convince both myself and my friends that moving into college would be a breeze. The week before I left home, my anxiety kicked in. I was moving to a new state, attending a new school, participating in rush activities, and I had to leave my family and friends behind. In all honesty, the confidence I had about moving into school had gone from strong to weak in a matter of days.

Moving in went faster than anticipated, as I had many reliable people helping me through the process. Box after box and an occasional mini appliance were hauled up to the top floor of my dorm to a tiny room that was initially in need of some intense TLC. My roommate had not arrived yet, so it was my job to make things look comfortable. In all honesty, my first night was terrifying. I was alone in a new place. It was not until day two that I realized that this historic campus was my home away from home.

Day two was my first day of official rush events, so naturally, I met many friends, even some who weren’t participating in rush. If you would have told me a couple months ago how well I began to adjust, I wouldn’t have believed you. Who would’ve thought that a large campus could become a compact, cozy haven in only a day? I had established a friend group, faced the transition to living like an adult, and even made a few mistakes along the way. I firmly believe that everything which happens to us happens for a reason, and as each day dawns upon me, I realize a little bit more why this school is so special to me.

I am very thrilled to call the University of Missouri my home for the next four years, however, I have also realized that it is not just my home for that short time period. The memories I make every day will forever be alive amidst the expansive buildings and timeless monuments which make Mizzou the friendly, unforgettable campus which many holds near and dear to their hearts.

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