For the Person Who Thinks Education Doesn’t Matter

For the Person Who Thinks Education Doesn’t Matter

Or that college is a waste of time.

Whether you are still in high school and have persuaded yourself that college is a waste of time, that you can get a job, and make good money without a degree, or if you’re already in college and the stress and workload have you doubting if this really is the right path for you, here are some points to think about, who knows? Maybe something will resonate you with you and change your mind.

A college education can…

Prepare you for an exciting career

You want to be a banker? Lawyer, doctor, business owner, fashion designer, cook, or automobile engineer? No matter what your dream job is, there is a school that can help give you the necessary skills to get where you want to be. The time you spend in school will be well worth the return when you're living out your dream instead of working in a temporary job in a field you maybe don't even enjoy.

Give you goals that you strive to achieve

Anyone will tell you that college is not always a blast, honestly most of it (the work part) isn't. But the thing is, worthwhile doesn't always have to be fun. Just knowing that you're on a path, with milestones set up for you to reach is great motivation that you can and will succeed. It is good practice for the rest of your life to allow yourself to set up a goal you really want to reach and then give it your all until you get there.

Allow you to study in a different city or country to experience a different culture

Getting an education in any part of the world really is a huge privilege because you get to meet people from both far and near, hear of their cultures, unique thoughts and opinions, and see how different things can be when you travel to a new place. Many students take a semester of school to learn a language in Spain, or France, or wherever they would like. People also go to the Galapagos Islands to study biology, to Rome to study architecture, to Washington DC to study politics, or to Africa to do research on the animals. No matter what you want to do, there are always endless opportunities to see what lies beyond your horizons, all while learning and enhancing your education.

Meet new people, make friendships, and network for job opportunities

When people say that “college is what you make of it’, they’re right. If you are the type of person that talks to people in class and hangs out with peers to study, or whether you are the social butterfly that is quick to get together a group for Sunday brunches and weekly outings, there are always tons of opportunities to meet people at college. You can join clubs, go greek, become a part of a pre-professional group, or just talk to the people that sit by you, and before you know it you will have built several relationships that you know you can rely on.

Learn about things you had never even thought of

before I started college i had no idea what I was in for. It doesn’t matter what your major is, there is always room to take classes outside of your main interest just to learn and explore different areas that you had perhaps never even considered before. I learned all about psychology and it really helped me to understand a lot about why I do certain things and see into the way we all act and why. I learned about several different religions, some of which I had never heard of before, and learned to appreciated the different beliefs of people from all over the world. I learned how to sculpt ceramics and make pottery pieces, I was able to take classes in two different languages, and even do research on fruit flies in biology. No matter what your expectations are when starting off your education, know that there is so much out there, so many opportunities just waiting for you to take advantage of, and so much to learn.

Get a high beginning salary just for having an education

Right out of high school many young adults are fed up. They are fed up with having been in a classroom for most of their lives and doing homework that bored them into thinking school was just a bunch of busy work and a waste of time. They are eager to get out of high school and get job. They want to start making money instead of doing assignments for once. This sounds like a good plan, but I assure you it isn’t giving yourself the chance you deserve. Right out of high school you are not going to be able to make as much money, get a high position, or work for a company that has the same goals that you have, without going to school and getting the necessary skills and training necessary. On average, people with a college education earn nearly twice as much as those with only a high school diploma. By going to college, you are making an investment, an investment in yourself, your potential, and your future.

Give you something no one can ever take from you…they can take money and possessions but not education or skills

No matter how lucky you are, how well off you seem to be, material things are always, inevitably temporary. Things can change very fast and with the blink of an eye you can find yourself in circumstances you had never imagined. People and situations can change, you can always lose your house, your money, your possessions, and in many sad cases, be left with nothing, and no way back out. By getting an education you are giving yourself a gift that no one can take from you, no matter what happens you can use that knowledge and your skills, and hard work to find another opportunity and get back on the ground. Education equals security.

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10 Things That Only Happen On Small Campuses

"No, we don't have a football team"

Don't let people give you the pitiful "ohhhh" when you reveal your enrollment at a small school. Everyone who goes to a small school can agree that it is nothing like a large, state school. I think even those state school students will confirm that. But what people don't know about a small school is that it has its perks, and they are good.

1. Leaving your room 5 minutes before class...and still being on time

2. Guaranteed to get at least one "hey" every time you walk somewhere

3. Actually knowing the people who follow you on Instagram, Facebook friends, or dare I say...Tinder

4. Making friends outside of your major is more common than not

5. You also know every single person in your major

6. Going through a super awkward and aggressive orientation program as a freshman and using that as a strong common bond with a (then) complete stranger

7. Probably finding your best friend through that previously mentioned hideously intense, ice-breaker-obessed orientation program

8. Anticipating the long* wait for food on those really good days but knowing when to go to get around it
*long is really only like 15 minutes

9. There is no cover charge at parties...yes, apparently this is a thing

10. Being invited to dinners at the president's house because you're on a first name basis (oh yeah, and Mrs. President floats around campus regularly with baked pastries and warm smiles)

So if you're looking for a tight-knit community that loves to give out hello's when they are due, or a campus where you can wake up and eat breakfast 30 minutes before class and still be on time, look into those small schools that maybe don't have a 50,000 seat stadium. What they do have are the people you will remember and that will remember you, classes that taught you beyond the test, and a uniqueness that just isn't found at a large school. At a small school you're a face, a name, your own legacy...not a number.

Cover Image Credit: Roanoke College Facebook page

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15 Thanksgiving Dishes That Are Must-Haves For Your Family Gathering

The time where everyone gains 10 pounds from the delicious food.


Thanksgiving is the second most wonderful time of the year as Christmas is the first but the Thanksgiving food never disappoints. Here are 15 delicious foods that you can not go without any year at Thanksgiving.

1. Deviled Eggs 

Thanksgiving is never complete without your deviled eggs or as some say "angel eggs."

2. Chicken n´ dressing 


With a gourmet meal like this you'll come home to your house smelling like wonders.

3. Turkey


Turkey is amazing in general but finding the wishbone and trying to get the longest side of the bone to make your wish that hands down tops it off.

4. Ham


Smoked ham and some honey will make you go into a sleep with endless dreams it's so good.

5. Stuffing 

Stuffing is good inside of a turkey but it´s even better by its self. Yum!

6. Homemade Mac 'n' cheese 


Don´t get me wrong, macaroni 'n' cheese from the box is good but nothing beats homemade mac 'n' cheese

7. Mashed Potatoes 

You can't beat mashed potatoes that just got off the stove top and are ready to eat.

8. Dirty Potatoes 

Dirty Potatoes are hands down the best potatoes you will EVER eat. Sadly, I only get to enjoy them on holidays :(

9. Homemade Cream Corn 

Cream corn is a essential to all your meals.

10. Homemade Peanut Butter Pie 


Peanut butter pie that has been in the fridge and it´s waiting for you after you get done eating your meal will truly bless you.

11. Green Bean Casserole 

I'm not a fan of this dish but a lot of people are so it should be one of your dishes too.

12. Butter Rolls 


Butter rolls are angels. You can put turkey or ham in them and eat it or you can eat them as they are, either way, your mouth will thank you.

13. Pumpkin Pie 


Pumpkins are not just used for decoration but for flavor too.

14. Cranberry Sauce 

This is really just a side dish. Put it on your turkey or ham or eat it by itself.

15. Pecan Pie 

The flavor of the crunchy delicious pecans baked in a pie will make you want Thanksgiving to be everyday of the year.

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