The Person Negan Killed Is...
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The Person Negan Killed Is...

With the season priemere coming up on the 23rd here is who is likely to die

The Person Negan Killed Is...

In the season finale of Walking Dead, Negan had killed a character in the group but we do not know who the character is. All we know is that the character was Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, or Eugene and that whoever it was would take the beating with Lucille, as Negan said, “Like a champ.” We, the viewers, have been forced to wait 6 months to find out who Negan killed. On October 23 we will finally know who was killed, but until then all we can do is guess. My guess is Abraham and here is why.

To figure out who Negan killed you have to figure out who is and who isn’t important to the group anymore. Let’s start with Rick. Rick is the leader of the group; he helped them survive six seasons. However, there are times when Rick does not always make the right decisions for the group. His emotions get the best of him at times and he acts before he thinks. Negan would not kill Rick because of his leadership because if he did than Alexandria would fall apart and he wouldn’t be able to get supplies from them. It would be a loss cause. Also, Rick would not be able to hold himself up if he was hit with Lucille, not with how upset he was.

Maggie has two really important roles in the group right now; the first reason is that she is the speaker for the group. When the group needs to talk to another group and negotiate with them Rick takes Maggie to do the negotiating. The second reason is because she is pregnant. She is carrying a member of the possible next generation of Alexandria killing her could possibly ruin the chance for a society after the current characters grow old and die than the future Saviors will not have anyone to take supplies from. However, Negan does not know she is pregnant or that she is one of Rick’s assistants plus she is very sick right now. Negan might decide to put her out of her misery. Also, with Maggie being as sick as she is I can’t see her being able to take Lucille’s beating like a champ though.

Glenn is Maggie’s husband and has faced near death experiences more than any other character on the show. I refer to him as a cat sometimes because it’s like he has nine lives, but has the cat reached his limit yet? Just how much more luck does Glenn have? Also in the comic book Glenn is the one killed by Negan. Luckily for him, the producers and writers of the show don’t always follow the comic so he still has a chance. Glenn is an important member of the group he has done many risky things to get the group supplies and shelter. He is a fighter. If Glenn was the one to face Lucille there is a chance he would be able to withstand the first blow, but it’s a slim chance because of the mental state he was in.

Daryl is one of the biggest characters in the show and it would be almost impossible to kill him off without the fans rioting. Daryl is Rick’s right hand man and has been since Shane died. He is a strong independent character. He is a good tracker and he can usually sense when something is wrong. As such a vital character it almost seems impossible that he could be the one to die this season premiere. However we left him at the season six finale covered in blood with a gunshot to his back. He has also caused the Saviors a lot of trouble in the past. Negan might decide that it’s time for Daryl to go. Another point to have is that Daryl is not made to live in a society. He is known to live off the land hunting and scavenging to live, the writers might not feel that he will be able to live in Alexandria anymore with it being an actual community now. It is a good chance it might be Daryl however knowing how beat up he is he probably would not be able to sit back up when Negan struck him with Lucille.

Michonne is a warrior. She knows how to fight and she knows how to be a leader. From day one she has been a strong character since we first met her. She also has formed a relationship with the leader of Alexandria Rick. She is very caring of Judith and Carl and fills in as the role of their mother that they no longer have. The only reason I could see the writers killing off Michonne is because it seems to be a trend on this show that every girl Rick gets with dies. Maybe killing Michonne will show Rick that to be a better leader he needs to do it on his own. However since Michonne is as capable as leading and fighting as Rick is I feel like she won’t hold him back therefore there is no need to kill her. She would probably be able to take Negan’s beating as well but there is not much reason for her to die so I don’t think it will be her.

Aaron is still a rather new character he was a member of Alexandria before Rick and his group showed up but he seems to be pulling his weight around Alexandria the most aside from the members of the original group. If the writers kill Aaron it would be a huge relief for the viewers since he is so new and we are not attached to that character as much yet. However, I think it is unlikely that it would be him for that very reason. We waited six long months to find out who died and having it be Aaron would be a blow to everyone. It has to be a bigger character.

Carl is another huge character in the Walking Dead. We watched him grow up all these years. He is a strong character and looks out for the ones he loves. Right before Carl left to go with his dad before they got stuck with Negan he locked Enid in a closet to keep her from going with them. She asked him what she was supposed to do if he didn’t come back and he said that she would have to learn to live without him. This could be foreshadowing that Negan would kill Carl. Also Carl had one of the Saviors guns so Negan might kill him as payback for having it, however Negan knows that Carl is Rick’s son and probably would avoid killing him because he needs Rick so that Alexandria will give them things and Rick would probably now cooperate if he killed his son. Carl would probably be able to withstand a blow from Lucille as well.

Eugene at first was probably one of the worst characters in the group. He was a liar and wasn’t able to kill a walker. However he was able to prove himself when he helped fight the walkers in Alexandria when they broke through the walls. Eugene is still not the strongest of characters yet but he has hope and he especially proved himself to Rick when he risked his life by taking the RV or as Eugene called it “said” to lure the Saviors away. His character is just starting to develop and taking him away now would be too soon. However, that might be a good way to end his story so there is a chance it is him.

Sasha and Rosita I’m going to do together because they are both have similar reasons. Both girls are strong female characters, not as strong as Michonne per say but they are still up there, both girls are also involved in the love triangle with Abraham.Rosita and Abraham were together since we met them, but recently he broke up with her to pursue his interest in Sasha. If either of these girls die it will definitely affect Abraham and the girl who is still alive immensely, which could further their characters development. Both girls are strong but I am not sure how they would react if hit by Lucille it could go either way.

Finally Abraham, He is one of the strongest characters in the show he has military background and is able to fight for his friends. On top of that he works well as the comic relief character with his witty sayings throughout the show. His one problem is being able to pick a girl. I think the writers may intend to kill him off to build both Rosita and Sasha’s characters more right now they are in this childish back and forth with a man but their characters are worth way more than that. Plus he is so strong that he is a direct threat to Negan and the Saviors, also there isn’t a doubt in my mind that he wouldn't fall down from a beating with Lucille. When Daryl isn’t around Abraham becomes Rick’s right hand man and there has been many hints that Rick will be losing his right hand man which makes most people think Glenn or Daryl however like I said before Daryl isn’t a threat to Negan right now he’s half dead anyway. Glenn there is a chance it might be him but I believe that he would take a beating from Lucille very well. He wants to take someone out who will limit the group but still keep the group running. That unfortunately leaves Abraham to be the best victim.

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