We all know that one person, who, no matter what is going on seems to have a smile on their face. It’s easy to think their life must be going so well and that they are from a magical land of rainbows and smiles.

But that’s not the truth. Sure, there are some genuinely happy people in life. In fact, more times than not, we don't even recognize how many times we find happiness. However, the person who is always smiling is probably hurting on the inside more than (s)he would let show.

I'm one of those people. People always comment on how I always seem to have a smile on my face, or they comment saying how my happiness is contagious. Audrey Hepburn said it herself, "Happiest girls are the prettiest girls." Sure these comments make me feel good because I am helping someone else out, but there are so many times when I wish I could just be honest and tell them what it's like to live a day in my life.

So here are five truths people who wear smiles every day can attest to:

1. No, I’m not always happy

I may always be wearing a smile on my face but that doesn't mean I'm always happy. Sometimes it’s easier to fake a smile than to open up and share your pain.

2. I hate looking vulnerable

Nothing is worse than being seen as the girl who can’t stand up for herself or the over-emotional girl. It’s safer in our society to look strong and happy than to look weak or sad.

3. I hide a lot of my pain and emotion to protect myself from someone not caring

I’ve gone through a lot of friendships. I poured my thoughts, emotions and feelings into those people and now we don't even talk anymore. It’s easier to just be the happy friend who doesn't have any problems because it’s just a matter of time until they stop caring and I'm left hurt.

4. I wish someone would be deep with me and show me they care more than a smile

I am constantly wishing someone does take the time to say, “you’re always smiling but what’s under that” and genuinely care about how I am inside versus what everyone sees.

5. I'm more than my smile.

I’m sensitive. I have so much love to give to others. I feel your pain when you're wearing a broken smile and it becomes my pain. I am more than my smile. I am compassionate. I am serious. I will do anything to see someone else smile. I am more than the girl who is always smiling. Get to know me for all of my flaws and for my smile. I don't want something superficial.

If you are this person, I get it. I hope you find someone who sees your broken smile and asks you to talk. Don't think that if you aren't wearing a smile constantly that people will like you less because people like you for you. A smile is simply a mask that someone puts on and you are more than a mask.