International Women’s Day was March 8th. About a month ago, I bought the necklace that says, “Nevertheless, She Persisted” in reference to Mitch McConnell trying to silence Senator Warren while she tried to give a speech. However, this has become a rallying and battle cry for women in the United States to rise up and continue to fight for our rights.

Over the past few weeks, I have struggled, but I have also been surrounded by incredible women who continually inspire me. While my mom and grandma planted the seeds, the amazing women I have met at Endicott have helped me blossom into a raging liberal feminist. I am thankful to be surrounded by such powerful, intelligent, kind, confident, strong, and courageous women. Whether I've met them at Endicott or they've become my family through waterskiing, they have all had an impact on me. I would not be the woman or person I am today without each woman that has come into my life. Also, I need to give a shoutout to the Spice Girls because their motto of "Girl power!" that I adopted as a young girl has stayed with me. And of course, Tracy Ducar, the woman I looked up to, my idol as a young soccer player gave me all the confidence in the world as a child. Thank you to every woman who has impacted me, whether as a child or adult, you've made a difference not only in my life, but in every person you have interacted with. I am here for you, girls. I will use my voice and privilege to give you the microphone. Know I am fighting for you and for your voice to be heard - you are not forgotten. Sending you all love.

"Nevertheless, she persisted."

I will persist through this administration that continually works to deny people their human rights, destroy the environment, and hurt and deny animals their rights. I have persisted through my mother's illness, my mother's death, my grandma's death, Ollie's death, my grandpa's death, my depression, my anxiety, my self-harm, my disordered eating, my abusive relationships, and my suicide attempts.

Nevertheless, I persisted.