I use my parents Chevy Silverado right outside of Atlanta, which is typically unusual. Most people I see are driving sports cars or vans or motorcycles. I've found a lot of perks to driving a pickup in the city, even if I do get glares when driving through small parking lots.

You're basically in a tank

A lot of people in this area drive with reckless and careless abandon, but in a truck that's different. I've seen insane drivers collect themselves when driving near me because of the silent understanding that, if they were to hit me, only one of us would have damage.


It's great to help friends move

I recently helped two of my friends move into their new apartment using my truck. I lugged 1 pull out couch, 2 beds with bed frames, 2 dressers and 3 desks to their new place easily. No one else that they knew had the ability to help like that, so they were super grateful.

People park near you for shade

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Like I said, people around where I live usually drive small vehicles. When I park on a hot day, motorcycles specifically will park right next to me to avoid direct sun. It makes me feel like a mighty tree.

Feeling safer is always a perk


I mentioned it before but driving a truck feels like you're driving a tank. I feel really safe in my truck, should anything happen while I'm driving. I stand a better chance of surviving a crash in my truck than another vehicle.