The Perks of Staying Home Over Spring Break
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The Perks of Staying Home Over Spring Break

The Perks of Staying Home Over Spring Break

1. You won't suffer from a sunburn

While going to a tropical, sunny place over spring break is often ideal, people tend to abuse and underestimate the power of the sun when first arriving on vacation. After a stressful couple months of school, all college boys and girls want to do is lay out in the sun for hours upon hours. What people often forget is while they are relaxing in the sun, their skin is frying and most will wake up looking like a tomato.

2. No hangovers

Spring means one thing and one thing only: tons of drinking. If you are not pounding down tequila, then you will either be found sleeping or eating. If you can't rally, then you should probably stay home. Although spring break is a week long party, people forget to mention the awful hangovers they wake up with every morning.

3. Time to catch up on your favorite TV shows

With the stress of classes during the day and work at night, there is never any time to catch up on your favorite TV shows. Whether it's Scandal, Breaking Bad, House of Cards or Game of Thrones, spring break is the perfect time to relax and watch Netflix on your couch. After all, you can never watch too much Netflix!

4. You get to sleep as much as you want

People who know me well know that I need at least ten hours of sleep a night. If you were to go on a spring break trip, you would probably get about ten hours of sleep the whole week. I don't know about you, but that does not seem too appealing to me. Spring break is supposed to be the time where you catch up, not a time to be sleep deprived.

5. Time to hang out with family and friends

Since many people go to college far away from home, it makes it extremely hard to see your family and friends during the school year. Spring break is one of the few times in the year to catch up with your high school friends and hear their crazy college stories. As much as I miss my friends during the year, nothing compares to the big hug I receive from my parents when I first arrive home. Although you may pretend that you do not miss your family at college, it's always a treat to come home and spend time with your loved ones.

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