6 Perks of Hurst Day

6 Perks of Hurst Day

And everyone gets a free tshirt to wear around and remember the day!

This year, the second annual Hurst Day was held on September 12, 2016. Hurst Day is a newly-introduced tradition of Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA that was brought on by the 12th President of the university, Michael T. Victor. President Victor had a vision of how he would transform Mercyhurst into a better place and Hurst Day is one of the ways that he has done so. Hurst Day is a day when a higher education institution is able to have fun and relax for one day out of the stressful semester. Here are a few reasons why you should be jealous your school doesn’t have a day like Hurst Day.

1. The Anticipation

Everyone knows that Hurst Day is going to happen, but no one except a very small group who is in charge of planning the event know the actual day that the event is going to occur. Students speculate which day they think it is going to be, but never actually know until the email blast is received on the morning of Hurst Day. They hope for it to be on a day where they have a big presentation or test, or on a Monday like this year so that they get a long weekend. Promo videos for the day start circulating months in advance of the actual event. Students are encouraged to put together teams and themes for the scavenger hunt around campus. Personally, I had been looking forward to Hurst Day 2016 since the day after Hurst Day 2015.

2. No Class

Freshmen on campus are woken up to the sound of bagpipes parading around campus. Normally, the bagpipes signal the start of a wedding or a ceremony or a festival, but they also are one of the key aspects of Hurst Day. Most people would hate to be woken up to the sound of bagpipes, but Mercyhurst students don’t mind it because it can only mean one thing, Hurst Day! All college students long for the day when all classes are cancelled. And it’s even better when it’s not due to an extreme weather or a catastrophic event. The only responsibilities of the day are to have fun.

3. Scavenger Hunt (With Prizes)

The first big event of the day is the scavenger hunt. Students have to submit a team of 4 before a certain deadline with a team name and a list of members of the team. Students go all out to come up with creative team names and costumes, and keep them a secret until the day of the event. At 10:00am President Victor sends the teams off with the first clue. This year there were over 120 teams and the quickest 25 teams made it into the second round of the hunt. The first round consisted of 12 clues and riddles, each of which would lead to another spot on campus. It tested the teams’ knowledge of the university and its campus as well as the speed of the runners on the team. In the second round, each team was given a selfie stick and a list of places and people on campus that they had to get a selfie of all 4 team members with. The fastest 3 teams who did this then advanced to the final round of Jeopardy. The first place team received go pros, the second place team received FitBits and the third place team received book store gift cards. One of the best parts of the scavenger hunt is the costumes. When else can you wear fanny packs and bucket hats around campus and not be extremely judged? Many creative teams deserved recognition this year but the team that took home the best costume was Harambe and the Zookeepers (RIP).

4. Food, Food, and More Food

A variety of lunch options were available, from cowboy burgers and homemade BBQ chips to clams, potatoes and corn on the cob, to Philly cheesesteaks, to ice cream, to pounds and pounds of candy. There was something for everyone to enjoy and endless amounts of it. And it’s all free!

5. School Spirit

Hurst Day is an event that brings lots of school spirit to campus. Everyone comes out to have fun together and enjoy the day. Luke the Laker pumps everyone up throughout the day and Laker Pride is at an all time high.

6. Inflatables, Zipline, Rockwall, and Trampolines

When most people think of inflatables they think of bouncy houses for little kids birthday parties. But Hurst Day brings inflatables most people never knew existed. From hungry hungry hippos to jousting to a giant obstacle course to a wrecking ball room to a slide, there is something for everyone. And there is even everyone's favorite, the mechanical bull. Along with inflatables, there is a zipline that is brought into campus for the day. There is a rock wall that finds a home in the center of campus, and trampolines that allow for crazy jumping and flipping.

Hurst Day is a day that brings the campus together, allows Mercyhurst students to bring out the inner child in them, and creates lifelong memories. And everyone gets a free tshirt to wear around and remember the day.

Cover Image Credit: Paige O'Neil

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Success Is Great, But Failure Is Better

Fail and fail often.

Don’t let success get to your head, but don’t let failure get to your heart. Know that things don’t always work out as planned, and that is OK!

For many millennials, it’s easiest to just give up when something doesn’t go your way. But take heart. Success is great, but failure is better. The reality is, you’re going to fail... a lot.

Failure does not mean your idea was not good or that your dream isn’t valid.

Failure means you have more to learn.

Failure is GOOD.

It shows you that you did something wrong and that you need to take a redirection. It’s an opportunity to come back stronger with a better attack plan. It’s a second chance.

Having failed many times in my life, there’s one thing for sure: failing sucks. It sucks being disappointed. It sucks not succeeding on the first try. However, you can learn to become a good failure.

Failing is inevitable, which is why it is important to learn from our mistakes. You’ll learn more from a single failure than a lifetime of success. Here’s what you can do when you mess up: accept what you can’t change, keep an open mind, maintain a positive attitude, and know that nothing will be perfect.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was on an engineering team at my school. I was extremely confident in our abilities as a team, so when we didn’t advance to the world finals, I was devastated. The next year, however, my team placed second at the national competition, and we advanced to the world finals. If I had allowed that initial failure to consume me, I wouldn’t have been successful the next year.

It was not easy to advance to the world finals, but because I took my previous failure as a learning opportunity, my team succeeded. I knew I couldn’t change the past, so I didn’t focus on it. I kept an open mind about the competition and did not allow my bitterness to harden me, thus maintaining a positive attitude. My team wasn’t perfect, and I knew that. But I knew if we worked hard, we would succeed. We did.

Every failure is feedback on how to improve. Nothing works unless you do, and nothing works exactly the way you want it to. Failure is life’s greatest teacher; it’s nothing to be scared of. If we are so focused on not failing, we will never succeed.

So fail, and fail often.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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7 Things English Majors Go Through

Yes, I'm an English major. No, I'm not throwing away my education.

I love being an English major.

And no -- I'm not lying.

While I do advocate for womxn in tech and the rise of STEM majors, my heart belongs to the humanities and more importantly: English Literature.

Here are some of the things as an English Major that I have experienced:

1. So... Do you wanna be a teacher?

As an English Major, my sole purpose of getting my degree is not to just become a teacher. I also want to be a writer. Get it right. I also want to be a teacher, though, so...

2. Writer's Block

Writer's block = hell unleashed. My brain is my most valued. My heart, too, but my brain is what helps me actually write my essays and poems. When my brain isn't working, I'm not working, and with those two not working -- I'm not getting anything done.

3. Having Friends Ask You To Edit Their Papers

My mood 24/7 when people ask me to edit their papers. I'm working on my own, leave me alone. Seriously though, I know I'm an English major, but there's a reason why office hours were created -- but if you REALLY need my editing/revising, pay up.

4. Reading "Whatever" Literature

There are some great works that I love reading (Frankenstein, Great Expectations, Dr. J & Mr. H, etc). But if I'm forced to read another book that EVERYONE has "read" and ends with the classic patriarchal ending -- I'd rather not. Give me some more Mary Shelley, please.

5. Reading AMAZING Literature

OK BUT WHEN THE CLASS READS SOMETHING LIKE MRS. DALLOWAY -- I AM SO HAPPY (I love you, V.W). But, honestly, I love most literature (especially classics). It's only with very few works that I'm upset with reading. (50 Shades of Grey? Blegh.)

6. Getting Trash-Talked About Your Major

OkAy, SuSaN, I get that you're happy with being in the business school, but frankly I don't care, so don't worry about me or my major. We, English majors, get trash-talked about our majors. Back in the day, our major was considered noble and great -- and now it's considered as "throwing away our education".

7. Knowing that We Chose the Right Major

In my experience in college so far, I've met very few -- actually no one who has changed their major from English Lit/CRTWRT. (Disclaimer: I'm sure there are some?) But those of us who stayed with this major know that we chose the right path for ourselves. While our friends in STEM, Business, etc. are "having fun" with their path, we get to read our favorite works, write, and appreciate the arts. So... who's the real winner? ;)

Cover Image Credit: Study Breaks

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