Perks Of Having Friends Going Into The Medical Field
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Perks Of Having Friends Going Into The Medical Field

It's every hypochondriac's dream to have a medical professional as their friend.

Perks Of Having Friends Going Into The Medical Field
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I am lucky to say that I know not just one, but two, people going into the medical field. One is in nursing school and the other is getting into the radiology area. Why do I consider myself lucky to know two people going into the medical field? Well, that's simple. These two girls and I go way back, and it's awesome to see them, as well as the rest of girls in my friend group, turn into adults and start our careers. Also, not going to lie, it comes with some perks:

1. They provide you with facts when you're having a hypochondriac moment.

I have had many a phone call with my friends, explaining my symptoms to them, and then telling them they're wrong because WebMD told me the opposite. Headache? Obviously a brain tumor. Cough? You clearly have lung cancer. Stiff neck? You have meningitis and 24 hours to live. Believe me, even if you only have one "symptom" of these things, your body can trick you into thinking you have all of the "symptoms". Thanks for always talking me off the ledge (and thanks for all of the future times you'll have to do that).

2. You can save yourself a lot of unnecessary trips to the doctor.

Along with my first point, as a hypochondriac, I always want to run to the doctor at the first sign of something even being slightly “wrong” with me. By simply talking to my friends in the medical field, I can save myself a lot of unnecessary and costly doctor visits. They wouldn’t tell me it’s just a cold or TMJ if they thought it was something more serious…right?

3. You learn a lot from them.

If your friends in the medical field are anything like mine, then they make a lot of science and medical related jokes that nobody besides them understands. Since the rest of us have no idea what they just said, they have to explain it, resulting in learning something. Thanks for being better science teachers than I had in high school, girls.

4. You know you're always in good hands when you're with them.

Whether they're just being the "mom" of the group and keeping all the girls in line, or their medical expertise is really needed, they got you. If you're out to eat and someone's choking, they're there for immediate help. They'll stop you before you can drink too much. But if they don't and you're hung over the next morning, they'll wake you up with a good breakfast while saying, "I told you so." At least some of us are responsible.

5. You get to brag to people that your friends are in the medical field.

All jokes aside, you are super proud of your friends. It's not easy going into the medical field. It's definitely not for everyone; not just anyone can go into the medical field. You know all the hard work they put into their studies, and you know it'll all pay off one day when they're working their dream job and helping people everyday. Thanks for all you do. The world would not survive without people like you.

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