Being the oldest of three girls is a huge part of my identity and has helped shape my into the person that I am today. From being a built-in babysitter to seeing pictures of all three of us in the same hand-me-down dress at some point in our lives to always getting to ride in the front seat no matter who called shotgun (age overrides dibs, that's a fact), I learned a lot about who I am through my role as the big sister.

Here are some of the perks, drawbacks, and lessons that come with being the oldest sibling.

1. Being the eldest means being the ringleader of your built-in playgroup all the time.

2. Sometimes, as innocent and sweet as they may be, your younger siblings may start to tattle on you and you have to think very quickly about how to best shut them up.

3. You will stop at nothing to protect and defend your siblings.

4. You have a lot of petty comebacks in your arsenal.

5. You've taught your siblings the importance of constant encouragement and support.

6. You tried to pass on your wisdom about how much the real world sucks.

7. If one of your siblings is ever in a pickle, you do whatever you can to help.

8. You have no concept of personal space since you've had to share everything since you were two.

9. You learn about effective communication.

10. If someone so much as points a finger at your sibling, you will go all Mama Bear on them in a second.

11. Life may take you in many different directions and down many different paths, but you have built the strongest support system that will always be there to welcome you back.