Being a college freshman is definitely, well, unique. Living in the freshman dorms can only be described as an adventure of a lifetime. I moved in in August, it is currently February, and my cutie freshman dorm surprises me more and more every day. Here are some fun things that have happened recently.

1. Blackouts

I know what you're thinking because I am a college student but no. A few weeks ago I was sitting in my room doing homework and all of the lights in my building went out! For a few minutes, my friends and I sat in the darkness screaming.

2. Cockroaches

There is nothing better than getting texts from someone warning you that while they were in the shower they felt an itch on their foot and it was a cockroach crawling across them. I have had friends who blocked their doors with towels just in case the cockroaches that have been crawling around their halls got into their rooms.

3. Termites

Friends of mine have opened one of their wooden draws to get clothes out and been greeted with dust instead. The culprit? Termites! #LoveThoseDorms

4. Hot Water

Obviously, dorms have hot water, right? Wrong. I am special and lucky enough to live in a dorm that loses hot water for days on end. I love it! My friends and I are constantly seen walking from the opposite tower in our building with our shower caddies since it always has hot water. #Ugh