I've always considered myself generally outgoing, but I don't think I was born that way. I was always a bubbly child, but I had certain limitations that held me back from being my unadulterated self. I was very self-conscious from a very young age, but I still managed to make a few friends and be involved in my surroundings.

I have been dancing since I was four and have been doing musical theatre off and on since I was around seven or eight. I really broke out of my comfort zone and cheered for two years in middle school, doing a brand new activity with people I never really knew before. I played the role of the "Queen of Hearts" in a production of "Alice in Wonderland" when I was in eighth grade. It was my first time singing solo, so I once again conquered my shell.

Throughout high school, I was a member of the color guard, the spring musicals, and the morning news broadcasting team.

All of these activities, regardless of whether or not I was speaking directly to an audience, have improved my life in a substantial way.

Dancing and musical made me feel free to be me, that I could be whatever I wanted. No one else's opinion mattered, because the main goal was effectively conveying what message the performance was attempting to share with the audience.

My experiences in broadcasting and theatre made me a much better public speaker, as well as general communicator. It has all taught me to think outside the box and to use my voice for what is good in the world. Long, disciplined rehearsals have since made me much more patient and understanding as well.

I love to talk. I love to tell stories, but most importantly, I love to listen. I think my experience in performance has made me more open minded to the interpretations of other people, and I am so thankful.

I firmly believe my past activities and hobbies have molded me into a strong communicator and listener, and an even better worker and leader. I am very glad to say that I think I'm overall doing pretty okay in life, and I have the stage (or camera) to thank!