Perfection Is Just An Illusion
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Perfection Is Just An Illusion

We are all trying to reach the peak of the mountain that is untouchable.

Perfection Is Just An Illusion

Perfection is an illusion. All of us create our own interpretation behind the meaning. We all create this picture perfect figure in our heads of whom we believe is the perfect mold in this society. Majority of us walk around and glance around at our surroundings, picking out the perfect people in the distance. I myself am guilty of this too. I used to walk around and point out all these beautiful women and my conscious would be speaking in my ear, "don't you wish you looked like them," "their life must be so easy since they're that stunning."

But what I never realized is that we are looking at their cover without a summary. We create a summary in our heads of what their life probably appears as. But imagine if you got to know them and their story. Your perspective on them being "perfect" might change. On the inside is where their pages lie. And when they speak the pages start to turn and you'll eventually hit chapter one of their story.

We scroll through social media platforms and look at all these models, just wishing we looked like them. But those pictures are made for entertainment. They are artwork. They are captured in the perfect lighting, perfect pose, perfect outfit, perfect background. That one picture you see was captured during one second of their life. So what about the other 86,399 seconds of their life. We don't see, because we only got to see one second of it. We see them at their best. We see them in a social media setting. We don't know who they are. So why do so many of us wish we were them when we don't even know what their story entails.

A lot of us in this society walk around trying to change every factor about ourselves. But one thing leads to another. Because we will never be satisfied with who we are. We are constantly wanting to change something about our appearance. I always used to say if I just lose 10 pounds, then I'll have the perfect body type. But after I lost ten pounds I was like if I just do something different to my hair then I'll be perfect. The after that I was like if I just get my nose done then I'll be perfect. See where I am going here. We are constantly wanting to change ourselves. But do we ever stop and ask ourselves why? Why do we want to change ourselves and for whom? Are we doing it to please others? Are we doing it to maybe get the job? Are we doing it to hopefully reach a partner? Well listen to me, the only reason you should want to be changing yourself is for you and you only. If changing your looks helps you feel more confident then go do something.

But in a healthy way. We can change ourselves to make ourselves feel better, but there comes a distinct line of who you are doing it for and how far you go with it. We were born in this body. I was born with a larger nose, brown eyes, brown hair. And yes apart of me always wants to change those factors. But it is about time we women start appreciating our bodies. We are given one body. Cherish it. Treat it like it's your ancient grandmother's favorite necklace. Treat it with care and shower it with love.

I used to be so guilty of comparing myself to other people. I did it for the majority of my lifetime, but now I look at myself and love myself for my imperfections. Shouldn't we all. My nose gives me character. And hey I can smell things from a mile away, it can come in hand sometimes when trying to find the perfect restaurant. I used to hate having brown eyes. I always wanted to get colored contacts, but now I embrace them. Brown eyes are subtle, gentle, soft, and they can say a lot.

I used to hate my brown hair. My brown curly thick short hair. But I embrace the luscious curls with all its glory. I'm like a time machine to the '80s. You already know I thrive with funk music.

Go look at yourself in the mirror. Point out all the flaws you hate, but at the same time name something beautiful about them. Like this. I am looking at myself in the mirror and I see a freckle above my lip. I want to get it removed, but now as I look at it. It gives me character, that little freckle makes me, me. Now your turn. Try it. It is not so hard.

We need to start teaching all kids at a young age to not compare themselves to other people. We are all unique and special in our own way. Express yourself, whether that be with your clothes, music, artwork, poetry. Whatever makes you feel confident. When you are confident that is your most beautiful version of yourself. Doing the things you love and seeing a grand smile across yourself. Confidence is perfection and perfection is the goal we are all trying to achieve. Take care of yourself, express yourself, do the things you love, and live life to the fullest and you'll reach perfection in my eyes.

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