A Perfect Weekend In The Louisville Highlands
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A Perfect Weekend In The Louisville Highlands

How to have the best time in the best part of Louisville, Kentucky.

A Perfect Weekend In The Louisville Highlands
Bryan Patrick Todd

Friday Night:

Order an Uber and pre-game your wild night out with nachos and pitchers of strawberry margaritas at Sol Azteca’s Mexican restaurant on Bardstown Road. Next, hitch a ride to Play on Washington Street. Be prepared to dance your ass off and have your mind blown by the most amazing drag show you’ve ever seen (they sometimes have stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race performing).

Saturday Morning:

Nurse your hangover with some caffeine from Highland Coffee. Everything there is delicious, but the Highland Royale with toasted marshmallow whipped cream is my go-to when I need a tasty energy jolt. Next, hit up Breadworks in Douglas Loop for a bagel or pastry. Be sure to snag a loaf of asiago bread while you’re there— they only have it on Saturdays! Finish the morning off with a stroll through Cherokee Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (the same man who designed New York’s Central Park).

Saturday Afternoon:

If it’s the first weekend of the month, go directly to the Flea off Market. Local artists and vendors collect on Market Street to peddle their wares. You might find a new treasure, or at least can fill up at a food truck. My favorite is the Louisville Dog from Red Top Hot Dogs.

If it isn’t Flea weekend, you can still do lots of shopping throughout Bardstown Road. My favorite local businesses are Dot Fox (clothes) and Carmichael’s Bookstore. Take a lunch break at Wild Ginger, where you can get a bento box (with lots of food) for $11!

Saturday Night:

If you want to go on a fancy date, make a reservation at Jack Fry’s. The atmosphere is classy but laid-back, and the food is incredible. It’s no wonder this place is a Louisville tradition!

If you want to rage, head to Akiko’s karaoke bar. Down a few Irish car bombs and you’ll feel like Adele.

Sunday Morning:

Whether you need to recover from a night out or you just want to fill your belly, head to the Bristol on Bardstown for brunch. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet that is to die for. After brunch, finish the weekend off with a cat nap and Netflix binge.

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