To all the college kids who are already feeling that fall semester slump, you got this.

I know the bliss of summer is a memory too recent not to affect your daily life, but hang in there. The semester has only just begun, so you've gotta keep yourself motivated and make your way back into the routine of things here on campus.

College is a beautiful balance of work hard, play hard. For the amount of time you dedicate to academics and extracurricular activities, you get to reward yourself virtually in any way you want. The challenge here is that it is a balance, and if the either side of the work-hard-play-hard scale is given more weight than the other, the whole experience becomes a mess. First and foremost, we are paying for an education, so that has to be prioritized (it's an easy thing to forget sometimes). But with that in mind, you don't have to make school harder for yourself.

Do your homework, kids. Get to class. It's so easy to put things off, but you know you'll regret it later. Get out that textbook and, at the very least, skim the chapter. Take notes in class. Stay up late if you have to. Guzzle coffee like there's no tomorrow. I know on those late nights it's easy to feel like you genuinely hate everything and want to give up, but you have to keep your eyes on the prize (this wouldn't be a motivational article without that phrase). Imagine how much better hanging out with friends will feel if you actually got everything done. And guess what? It's totally doable.

So get off the Odyssey! And Facebook! And also stop online shopping.

You can do this.