As as I was scrolling through one of the USF groups I'm in, a post by University of South Florida student spoke out to me. Through one of their classes, their professor made a point that really resonated with them. Students with disabilities at the University of South Florida are restricted to two forms of transportation: (1) walk to class or (2) take the Bull Runner. After reading their post, I became aware myself that when I take the Bull Runner, I don't really notice many accessibility options for students with disabilities. For instance, the Bull Runner is not very reliable, and may arrive only for you to find out its full, and you have no (easy) way to get to class. As well, students with disabilities, even at a university as welcoming as the USF, still face stigma, and may not feel comfortable riding on public transportation. These are just a couple of examples that go to show that the Bull Runner is not the best option for students with disabilities.

In my own life, I have worked closely with people with disabilities as a caregiver. It hurt me that there weren't other options for students with disabilities, and that I didn't notice till now. However, if the first step is awareness, the second step is action. It makes me proud to go to a university where students see a problem and instantly work to advocate for those in need, which is the reason why I decided to write this article. In order to better provide for student with disabilities, Student Government should look to implementing more transportation options for students with disabilities, as other universities already have. For example, Florida State University offers a separate shuttle for students with disabilities that picks students up from the surrounding areas, and travels around campus.