29 Things Only People From St. Louis Would Understand
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29 Things Only People From St. Louis Would Understand

It's Bread Co. Definitely NOT Panera.

29 Things Only People From St. Louis Would Understand

You never really understand how unique our city is that we live in until you take a step back. There are definitely teams that we are proud of, roots that we enjoy digging, words that only we say, and food that you literally can only find in STL. To think of living somewhere else is definitely a game changer.

We all want to leave and explore all that this world has to offer, but let's be real, we will always have a little STL blood in us. (Not to mention that STL blood is blue. Sorry, it was just a good chance to throw in some STL Blues love) Even if you do end up moving away, here are a few things that you may see are not found in your new home. Only those who are from St. Louis will understand.

1. Cardinals. That's really it... Besides the fact that Cubs fans are dead to us.

2. And so are Blackhawks fans for that matter.

3. 44 = Farty Far.

4. "OPE! Just gonna sneak right past ya!"

5. We go to the zoo for free.

6. BPV.

7. The City Museum is the only place you will test your fear of heights.

8. You grew up stressing out whether or not you'd get a Six Flags pass for Christmas or your birthday.

9. Gooey butter cake.

10. Toasted ravioli.

11. Sun Drop.

12. If you drink anything other than Bud Light, you're a cheater. (I guess Natty Light is acceptable for all of you cheap college students...)

13. "I'm from the Lou and I'm proud." - Nelly

14. Fitz's rootbeer.

15. The Gateway Arch... Let's be real, we've all been there once and never go again but we recommend it to everyone.

16. RIP to the Rams.

17. "What high school did you go to?"

18. It's Bread Co. Definitely NOT Panera.

19. 270 is the largest parking lot in STL.

20. You find Styrofoam QT cups everywhere.

21. People NEVER use their dang blinkers.

22. Imo's, the square beyond compare!

23. Provel cheese.

24. You must look nice to go shopping at Frontenac Mall otherwise you feel out of place.

25. Going to the lake is a vacation.

26. The Magic House has turned into the Magic mansion, without that exact name but it has definitely expanded overtime.

27. You always end up having some sort of connection with everyone.

28. What happened to Chesterfield Mall?

29. Experiencing multiple seasons in one week.

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