It's Time To Evaluate Who You Are Trying To Please, Living For Others Is No Way To Go Through Life
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It's Time To Evaluate Who You Are Trying To Please, Living For Others Is No Way To Go Through Life

For a long time, I've let what others think of me, dictate the way that I carry myself.

It's Time To Evaluate Who You Are Trying To Please, Living For Others Is No Way To Go Through Life
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So today I opened up my Facebook app and read an article on exactly this. It's something that a good many people struggle with and I know I do on a daily basis. It's so easy to get wrapped up in acceptance and what other people say and think about you. People will constantly judge the decisions that you make whether they are good ones or bad one and they will always have something to say, but when do we stop letting that affect us?

For a long time, I've let what others think of me, dictate the way that I carry myself.

When I've gone through rough patches and others have judged me, the way I conduct myself has changed and the way I am towards others has changed. For instance, when I know someone has said something about me, I would shy away from a conversation with them because it reminded me of how I don't measure up to their expectations.

Instead of being the outgoing person that I usually am, I thought it better to just lay low and stay quite so maybe I wouldn't be noticed. This went on for a while during one of my darkest seasons of my faith and of my life in general and the outcome was something that I didn't expect.

Take a step back and think of the times that you have seriously lived to please a certain person or a group of people. Whether that was to look better, better your reputation, or even look like the perfect Christian (lol newsflash, there's not one). We've all done it and finding the cure for it takes some soul-searching.

It takes a lot to pray for the people that have hurt you the most. It does. But when you sincerely start having an attitude of prayer and not hate and resentment, your perspective changes. See, in that dark season of my life I felt awkward around people that I knew had an opinion of me, but all I could do was pray. Pray for my attitude toward them to change and pray for their perception of me to change.

It's hard, so hard, especially if the people saying things are supposedly people that would be praying for you instead of gossiping. But, when you've hit that low point and you feel so alone and that it's impossible for you to make anyone happy or for you to please them, pray.

The struggle that I have constantly is that I subconsciously try to please others while saying that I'm not a people-pleaser, but that's one thing that I will struggle with.

I will get better at it with a lot of prayer and time in God's word, but it will take effort and time. One thing I've learned is that if we are living to please others, then we are not living to please God. (Galatians 1:10 and 1 Thessalonians 4:1) No one will love you and accept you and embrace you like The Father will. Ever. You are always enough, you are always worth it, and He is ALWAYS the firm foundation.

If we live to please the Lord and live to be more like Him then everything else will fall into place. Our earthly relationships are so important, but as long as our communication and relationship is clear with the Lord, that's what matters so much more.

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