To The People Who Blame The World For Their Problems

To The People Who Blame The World For Their Problems, Stop Expecting Me To Pity You

I refuse to feed into the toxic negativity that has plagued society and I don't really care if anyone has a problem with that.


I am a work in progress. We all are. Currently, I am working on learning how to set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty afterward or that setting boundaries make me come across as a mean person. I know boundaries are not bad, however, they do feel uncomfortable for me to set, though they are absolutely necessary.

If you are by any means cynical or someone who blames the world for their problems, never taking responsibility for how their choices effect consequences, please understand that I'm more than happy to listen, but do not expect me to agree with you or condone that kind of attitude through feeling bad for you or pitying you.

I have a lot of my own struggles going on that I have to manage, and simply do not have time for that negativity. I try to be an optimistic person with realistic expectations of others and high expectations of myself, which I've heard can get annoying to those people who play the victim all the time.

This is not me trying to be mean, I am simply setting a boundary. I don't need people trying to bring me down to their level, creating unnecessary drama, and pushing my buttons to get a rise out of me or make me look like a gullible fool. I will never feel bad for you, as much as you may want me to because that's not who I am. I'm a strong believer in hard work and getting help when you need it, instead of whining about it and doing nothing to fix the situation, ever.

Take responsibility for who you as a person and take responsibility for your actions, character, and well-being. The older we get, the more responsibility we have. As overwhelming as it feels at times, we need to realize that the world is not out to get us, being negative more a waste of time than not, and in recognizing our role in what upsets us, we hold more power than we know.

I get having a bad day or a bad week but don't make it a bad life. If you are having issues with your mental or physical health, ask for help, reach out and talk about it, as hard as it feels in the moment. I've done the "suffering in silence because you're too proud and hating yourself because of it" thing before and all it does is make everything worse.

Again, I'm happy to listen. But I refuse to become cynical. I refuse to stop believing in myself. I refuse to stop working hard for what I want in life. I refuse to fall anywhere lower than my full potential. I refuse to be mean or judgmental. I refuse to feed into the toxic negativity that has plagued society and I don't really care if anyone has a problem with that, not anymore. I'm done making excuses for people and I'm done feeding into a drama that won't matter in 5 years.

So, to all the cynical people who blame the world for their unhappiness, this is not me being mean, this is me setting a boundary.

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Transitioning Into The 'Real World'

The ability to believe in yourself can change your life


It is that time of year that everyone in school may be struggling or trying to pull through the last couple of weeks and finals coming up. Since I am experiencing a time in my life of transitioning to "real life" from the four year college life, it is important to value and believe in yourself especially outside of school. I have come to a realization this semester that it is so important to believe in yourself and take care of yourself in your personal life because you will feel happier and less stressed out.

I have called the University of Arizona my home four years ago and now I am going to leave it soon. People in this society think it is easy to transition from college to the real world but unfortunately, it is not. The University of Arizona was so meaningful to me these past four years. It has made me grow, boost my self-confidence, develop critical thinking skills, and meet so many friends that I am sad to leave. At the end of college, I will have thoughts about what I would want and wish for in my future?

Why is it so difficult to leave this type of life I made myself? I have been a part of so many clubs and communities on campus that changed my life completely and I would not be the same without them. In the moment of transitioning to the real world, I want to wish all my friends that are staying at the University of Arizona the best. My life is going to change but I will still stay in contact with my friends while I am transitioning to the 'real world' and my incoming future job. As a graduating senior, some people say to me aren't you so happy to leave college? The answer is yes and no. Why would I be happy to leave a community that made me grow so much? It is challenging to leave college because the last four years I developed a new life for myself and now I am in the process of applying to jobs to start my career.

One of the best pieces of advice I have received this year from my mentors and friends is "you have to wait patiently, you have so much to offer to this world." The piece of advice was very meaningful to me because it is challenging to be in the unknown. Next year my life will not be on a college campus. I will have a different daily routine every day and I will be going to work. It is very important for me to invest in all my friendships I have made at the University of Arizona these last two weeks of April before I wake up on May 9th and put my cap and gown on to celebrate all the achievements I did the past four years. I have accepted that I have a lot left to learn and I must look forward to it because it will only help me in the end while transitioning to the 'real world.'

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