The U.S Department of Defense recently released a video captured by Navy pilots that displayed encounters with unknown flying objects i.e. UFOs. The Pentagon has a sketchy program known as "Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program". In 2004, Pentagon witnessed a white egg-shaped object, the size of a commercial aircraft off the coast of San Diego.

Experts from different universities such as Harvard claim that the probability of an extraterrestrial linkage with this strange incidents is quite low and that the reason for such observations could be a bug in the codes, neurological overload, atmospheric effects, etc…Navy personnel still find it difficult to explain what they saw. Lieutenant Accoin, one of the pilots who was part of the squadron said that although the radar showed the presence of an object near him, he could not see it with his helmet camera. A few days later, that object was seen by an infrared camera. Later that year, Lt. Graves said, "I almost hit one of those things". He described that the object as a sphere encasing a cube.

What surprises aviation experts is the mannerisms of that aircraft – Flying at hypersonic speeds, making instantaneous turns, sudden stops, staying in the air for an extremely long amount of time. Some described it as a hybrid vehicle. The personal accounts from these Navy pilots shed some light on a small chance to prove that ALIENS EXIST. They may not be super intelligent like from Arrival. They may not be supervillains like from literally ANY HOLLYWOOD MOVIE.