Pennsylvania is beautiful, there's no denying it. I love the state I was born in and it's definitely my favorite place to live (though I may be biased). We all know it's beautiful, but Pennsylvania has its downsides. One of the biggest downers of being a Pennsylvanian is the unpredictable weather. When we talk about weather in PA, there is always a slight unknown aspect when you talk. Here is PA weather told by your favorite memes:

1. Spring

At first: In the beginning of spring, everything seems great. The flowers are blooming, there are baby animals everywhere, and you can finally dress in less than eskimo clothes.

But then: I mean, it's cool until all the mud gathers from the snow melting. And you see all those cute babies dead on the side of the road.

And finally: How it randomly snows during March and April and you're just here like:

2. Summer

At first: Sumer takes FOREVER to get here. All you want is for classes to be over and beach season to start!

But then: Summer finally gets here and the summer fun begins.

And finally: It gets bad during the middle of July when the humidity kicks in and you are bored AF.

3. Fall

At first: Fall is fucking awesome. The colorful leaves, layering clothes, Halloween (my favorite holiday), hay rides, and so much more. Fall is literally full of awesome.

But then: Everything dies. We see the pretty leaves fall to their deaths, we have to rake them, and worst of all, Halloween passes.

And finally: The air turns bitter because we know Winter is coming. And everyone starts screwing around because people get bored AF in winter and do naughty things.

4. Winter

At first: Winter isn't so bad. It has lights, joy, and you can wear super cute sweaters or dresses with tights. Christmas and Thanksgiving are in the winter time, which makes it even better. It's all pretty great, but deep down inside you KNOW PA weather is a sly bitch.

Winter: I'm not going to snow that much.

Winter to winter: Fucking own them with blizzards.

But then: The first ice storm hits and you're like what.the.fuck.bro? I thought this was gonna be a light winter with a few snow showers. And winter was like "Nah, PA. I was just screwing with you, like I do every year. You people fall for it every time."

And finally: You realize that mother nature gives no fucks and owns you, right as winter is "ending." And your high hopes for peaceful spring? It fades with each foot of snow you shovel away.

The weather may be crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love having all four seasons, even as fucked as they are. The seasons show the beauty that comes with each passing moment and each passing year. Pennsylvania is not just beautiful, it's my home and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.