On February 15, 16, and 17, Penn State will join together and hold their annual dance marathon, THON, for pediatric cancer. Last year, THON was life-changing. The energy in the room is indescribable and the passion pouring out from each person in the arena is endless. I was honored to take part in my first THON last year and am humbled to be able to do so again.

Last year I was a part of the Rules and Regulations Committee. Although this allowed me to meet more people and make friends as a freshman, it was not my favorite committee. I am not a confrontational person and did not enjoy making people upset by telling them what to do if they broke a rule. I even got yelled at during one point at THON for not telling someone they can't have an inflatable. I am still unsure why that is a rule. Overall, I did not necessarily enjoy my time on the committee other than messing around with my now best friend Maude.

Nonetheless, Rules and Regulations did have its perks. I was able to be on the floor three times and got to experience what only a select few can at THON. Being on the floor was my favorite part about THON. Maude and I danced like mad people and got to interact with the Four Diamonds families and dancers. I was having the time of my life. I even got to block the stage and be close to the performers. If I am going to miss anything from that committee, it will definitely be my experience on the floor. And Maude of course!

This year is going to be different. This year I am going to be experiencing THON from a different viewpoint. This year I chose to stand with my sorority Delta Zeta. I decided that a committee wasn't for me and chose to do a chair position for DZ. I am beyond excited to experience THON with all my best friends by my side and not just Maude (even though she was a blast to be around!). I never got the chance to be with them last year as I was constantly busy and tired from my committee shifts.

Even though I won't be able to be on the floor this year, I know it will still be an unforgettable experience dancing the weekend away with my sisters, and I cannot wait to see the outcome this year! Let's go State!