Open Letter To The Driver That Hit Me
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Open Letter To The Driver That Hit Me

My open letter to the woman who ran me over as I walked across the street in the early morning of April 24, 2020.

Open Letter To The Driver That Hit Me

My open letter to the woman who ran me over as I walked across the street in the early morning of April 24, 2020.

To Whom It May Concern,

A full year has passed since that horrific morning. When I woke up at 5am, put on my reflective leggings, shoes, and white hoodie, I had no idea that I was invisible to a driver. Because of the pandemic my morning treadmill routine turned into a morning walk around the park across the street from my apartment. I stood on the corner after pressing the pedestrian crossing button waiting for the signal to walk. I saw you pull up in your vehicle and I looked in your direction, hoping you noticed me.

The signal changed and the white image of a walker glared at me, so I proceeded to step off the curb and make my way to the other side of the street. The music in my headphones was loud and the beat of the music helps me to keep a steady pace as I walk. I enjoy the walk around the pretty little park with a fountain and a few ducks that inhabit it. Most people that live on that side of the street frequent that park with their dogs and children. I can't walk that route anymore after what happened.

I did not walk directly in your path, you had to make the right-hand turn towards me, which you did without hesitation. Upon impact I spun around and landed on my bottom with my legs stretched to my side and my hands pressing on the ground, holding me up from falling down. I could feel you proceed to move your car across my back and over my left leg. You broke two ribs on my left side, my knee cab, and my tibia.

I begged you to stop and at one point I looked up and could see you in your driver's side mirror looking at me as you kept going. You were moving down the road and I began to cry. "Why didn't you stop, why did you hit me?"

Suddenly a police officer was at my side. He came upon the scene as you were pulling away. He called for an ambulance and turned on his lights, blocked the intersection and came to help me to the curb. He made me lay on my back and told me not to move and help was on the way. Then I heard him yell, "Get back in your car." I looked in the direction he was yelling. You stopped several yards down the road and was coming towards us. It seemed to me if it wasn't for that police officer, you would have driven away.

I was taken to the emergency room and was in shock and confusion. A different police officer came to take my statement. He seemed less concerned with my situation and told me in your statement you said I was at fault and did not head the street signs. I was confused that a police office would believe that a pedestrian was at fault for any accident that occurred in an intersection. I insisted you hit me without cause, and I waited for the light to change before I made my way across the street.

Days later the report came out and with little investigation from the police department the report stated it was she said, she said situation and no fault or infraction was placed on you. You walked away without injury and I am still dealing with mine.

In this past year I have done some research on the vehicle vs pedestrian accidents and was shocked to learn how common they are. One would think it would be an offense that warrants criminal action as a moving vehicle can be as deadly as wielding a knife or baseball bat. However, that isn't the case in many states. Time and again people are maimed and killed by careless drivers.

But that is not the worse of the story, because Florida, like many states, is a no-fault state. My auto insurance was also a part of the this. So yes, the sting of increased premiums became a part of my injuries.

I can't forget what happened to me that day. In most cases crossing a street even in the light of a bright sunny day causes me stress. I do, however, want to make drivers aware and responsible for this type of accident. It is all to common according to the nurses at the hospital to have a victim like me in their care daily.

With that said, I want to you to know, I am not a victim, nor will I let this accident define me as one. I will find the strength to move past my injuries and make sure others like me are not treated with careless disregard and because the system does not consider this a crime. It is a crime to use a deadly weapon whether accidental or on purpose and to the driver the hit me, your day in court is due.

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