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So, it's about that time!

It's about that time for everyone that's in school to go back there and for those brave people that have made the decision to go back to school. Teachers have to go back to work, and then the moment that I love the most is finally coming back.

All of the TV shows are coming back.

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That means This Is Us, How to Get Away With Murder, Grey's Anatomy (for its 52nd season basically), and the Handmaid's Tale is finally on its way back). We've all had time off to rest and recuperate and really absorb everything that happened. (Though if you're anything like me, you definitely don't remember what happened in the season finale so you'll need a refresher).

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I look forward to this time so much. It's feeling lovely outside (unless you're in Florida where it's 100 degrees on a good day)) and you're looking forward to having a wine (sparkling cider if my mom is reading this) night and watching Shondaland on those coveted Thursday nights.

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If you're like most people, you can't watch it live anyway because work and school exist so you have to stick to DVR'ing it OR (like most college kids), finding a way to illegally watch it online. Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do!

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But, it's great, this time of year. Even though we have to deal with everyone going back to school and summer unfortunately ending, it kinda feels like a fresh start. I know we get that on New Years', but this one is a little different. The month of August brings new shows, weather changes, and just new possibilities. It also brings Halloween decorations if you're at Disney.

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So go ahead and begin your fresh start!

Watch the TV shows, kill it in school this semester, finally get that promotion that you've been wanting. Whatever your goal is this time around, I hope you kill it! I hope you accomplish whatever you want cause you've got this!

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