Who Pays The Price For Your Clothing? The Cons Of Fast Fashion

Who Pays The Price For Your Clothing? The Cons Of Fast Fashion

Discover the effect your shopping habits have on the world and what you can do to change them.

As I was walking through Neiman Marcus the other day searching for items that were comparable to Forever 21 for my previous article (here), I was thinking about the concept of "fast fashion" and its positive and negative attributes. It certainly allows the mainstream consumer to participate in current fashion trends without spending thousands at a designer or department store. However, I've found the drawbacks to fast fashion heavily outweigh the advantages. So, while Forever 21 may have cheaper alternatives, it's worth looking into what you are actually paying for while you're there.

A fast fashion garment has a short product life cycle, meaning that factory workers in economically disadvantaged situations work in poor conditions to create a product that is considered disposable. The quality of fast fashion garments isn't even comparable to that of designer garments or quality clothes that are priced slightly higher than fast fashion–something almost every fashion student should be familiar with if they've watched their favorite F21 top unravel just a month or two after purchasing it.

Although places like Forever 21, H&M and Zara used to be my go-to stores, where $50 could go a long way, now I'm looking for more ways to enjoy fashion and slowly expand my wardrobe without breaking the bank or contributing to fast fashion.

So far, I've made an effort to be conscious and thoughtful in my purchases, as well as shopping around vintage and consignment stores to give clothing and accessories a shot at a second life, so it doesn't end up in a landfill before its time. If you have any tips on avoiding fast fashion while still looking stylish on a college budget, feel free to leave them in the comments below, they would be much appreciated.

Your job as a responsible consumer is to educate yourself and know the details of what you are consuming, and then decide if it falls in line with your moral beliefs. Personally, I don't believe others should be put at a disadvantage just so that I can buy cute clothes for dirt cheap. To figure out what you value and be knowledgeable about your choice, I recommend watching The True Cost, a documentary about the impact the clothing industry has on our world, to understand your choice a little better.

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10 Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Modern Vacuum Cleaners are somewhat more potent than olden day’s vacuum cleaner and can be found from several top manufacturers, as well as different colors nowadays.

Here are ten strategies for maintaining your vacuum cleaner in a perfect working condition.

How to Use and Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner the Right Way

1. In a vacuum cleaner, multiple kinds like a cylinder, upright and handheld vacuums (see the best pet vacuums of the year) have been intended to be utilized in certain necessities. For cleaning upholstery or automobile interiors, a handheld vacuum cleaner is excellent, but it is not the ideal method to use itin an office or in hotels.

An upright cleaner may be unique for cleaning large areas, but it may be somewhat less maneuverable and more massive than the original canister cleaner. Be sure that you are not over operating it and that you're not expecting a lot from the vacuum cleaner.

2. The one who cleans the house or something has to ensure that everything is in proper functioning or not and also ensure that there is no damage to it as prevention is much better than cure. Make certain that you've got filters and additional bags for further replacement so that you won't need to track around the shops for the right parts.

3. Lots of issues with cleansers could be right down to user error. Don't forget to read the company's manual for help and replacing bags and filters, and everything to do in case a vacuum cleaner terminates functioning.

4. Check for blockages in the pipe, at the brush bar, and keep in mind not to attempt to pick up weighted objects which disturb the vacuum working condition.

5. The primary cause for reduction of suction and also the performance is a broken hose. Check whether to replace the hose or not based on the tube condition.

6. When using your cleaner, if there's a burning odor then it may be due overheating. In such case make sure that the filters are cleanwhen this is not the issue, it might be due to theengine trouble then the engine may require replacement.

7. In some situations, the vacuum gets blocked for no real reason. This is because of a power cable issue that is damaged or cracked. In this case better to replace the cable than to fix it. 

8. There is a large selection of vacuum accessories that suit different models, and therefore you don't have to put an undue strain on yourself or your vacuum cleaner. If you need any fittings, i.e., power cable or hose or any other tools for cleaning hard places then it is better to buy the perfect instruments, instead of extending them to reach. 

9. You can fit replacement components yourself, no need to show your vacuum cleaner in an expensive retailer shop instead of thatships it directly back to the manufacturer.

10. Make use of the cleaner efficiently, if there is aneed forany attachments bring a new one and also guarantee that it functions well for long life. Rather than getting a new one repair it when the hose is cracked, or the filters have been obstructed. Thus you will save the time, money and the environment.Get more floor cleaning tips&product reviews on Clean the floor.

Thus you have learned more about how to maintain a vacuum cleaner, and the way you're able to prolong the lifespan of those machines, what is stopping you from receiving the vacuum cleaner spares accessories and parts you need.

Therefore, start using a vacuum cleaner to keep your home or office clean and enjoy the fresh breath.

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7 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Skin In 2018

There's a lot more to skin care than washing your face.

As it is the largest organ of the human body, our skin is incredibly important. When you were a baby, your mom probably used special soaps and lotions (unless you came after a bunch of siblings, then she probably used whatever she had left and hoped for the best). As you became an adolescent, you probably started caring about how to reduce acne. Most people have a daily routine that involves some sort of washing or moisturizing, but there is a lot more to consider when talking about skin care.

1. Don't use harsh cleansers.

So many products that kill bacteria on your skin have added chemicals that destroy your skin and cause dryness and irritation. Changing the pH of your skin with a harsh cleanser can lead to more acne. If you use an exfoliant, try not to use it every day. Over-exfoliating can actually cause more flaking. Try a brand like Aveeno or Origins instead.

2. Wear sunscreen.

I'm as pale as can be and couldn't get a tan even if I tried. For me, sunscreen makes sense if I don't want to come from the beach looking like a lobster. However, even if you do tan, some sort of SPF is so important. Otherwise, you are opening yourself up to wrinkly skin and a potential for skin cancer. The tan may look good now, but imagine having to get chunks of your skin removed or looking like leather as you age. Tan more gradually or maybe even spray tan if that is your thing (even putting that on your skin is healthier than no sun protection).

3. Drink lots of water.

Drinking water can help clear skin and keep it hydrated. If you have bad eating or drinking habits, the water can help balance out some of the bad stuff you are putting into your body where your skin is concerned.

4. Avoid excess sugar or caffeine.

If you drink coffee and put sugar in it, I'm sorry. Sugar and caffeine can cause breakouts and make skin look tired and dry. The good news is that lots of water can help dilute these and their negative effects.

5. Don't sleep in your makeup.

Most girls are guilty of doing this at least every once and a while. I do it way more often than I should. Sometimes I even try to get away with wearing the same makeup the next morning (thanks to Urban Decay's setting spray). Try keeping some cleansing wipes by your bed or near your toothbrush. Taking off your makeup at the end of the day feels so good and will reduce bacteria that would have started to grow from the makeup. Plus, you're giving your skin a breather.

6. Go to the dermatologist.

The dermatologist can tell you so much about how to take care of your skin and skin type. They can help you get rid of acne and check your skin for anything that seems suspect.

7. Use some natural alternatives.

While companies try to sell you harsh skin care products, you have many natural items at your disposal in your own house. Some of these things include raw honey, sea salt, avocado, and coconut oil. Research some ingredients and find face mask recipes like these for your skin type.

Nourishing and protecting your skin will pay off when it comes to health and your overall appearance. You may hate having to spend time lathering on the sunscreen, but you'll love looking ten years younger than everyone else at the reunion.

Cover Image Credit: Noah Buscher

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