Getting paid is a great feeling, right? Right now, you're probably thinking that I am talking about getting paid with money, well, I'm not. Getting paid with money is a great feeling too, don't get me wrong, but I'm talking about getting paid in a different way.

On campus, I wear many different hats. One as the Promotions Director and as a DJ for our triple threat radio station, The Edge. A different hat at a Student Ambassador (we are the ones who conduct tours around campus) and another hat as a Resident Assistant, RA. I love every hat that I wear now and have worn in the past, and I love what I have been paid in from those experiences.

1. Communication Skills

When being in an organization, communication is key to being successful. If everyone is off doing his or her own thing, but not saying what is going on, then everyone gets lost and no one can learn to work together to achieve the same goal. Meetings help get members talking and knowing how each person can help better the organization as a whole.

2. Experience

Experience is a great skill and thing to have in general. Whether you do one organization at a time or 10, you are able to get experience in everything that you do. Some organizations will get you experience to help you in your major, and others will give you experience in other ways. I volunteer several hours per semester for one of my organizations, and I love every minute of it.

3. Organization Skills

Some people struggle getting organized, but if you are wearing many hats, then organization needs to be in motion to keep everything nice and neat. Can things get hectic? Most definitely, but life is like that, so keeping everything in its place and organized is how you can function, and then you are on your way to success.

4. Time Management

With organization, time management is tied into the mix. It doesn't work when you schedule three things back to back, and possibly overlapping one another. There needs to be time in between each. We're not all Hermione Granger with her time turner: this is the muggle world, not the wizarding world

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is a great payment. Getting to know how you work and contribute to the team is beneficial. Once you know what your skills are in a team, whether it's the leader, a follower, the one with many ideas, or somewhere in between, you will be more confident later on in life when you are working with others.

6. Creativity

This might be silly, but in most cases it is very true! With two of my three hats that I currently wear, I have to have some kind of creativity. As an RA, coming up with programs, bulletin boards, and door decorations, I have to get creative. As the Promotions Director, I have to find creative ways to get more listeners for our radio station and figure out what giveaway items students would want.

7. Having Fun!

The best payment overall to know that you have been successful is having fun. If people in your team or staff are not having fun, then it can make the other payments not as worthwhile. But if people are having fun and doing everything they need to do to be successful in the organization, then people are bound to have fun along the way. Laugh and smile, and make memories!