Paul McCartney's 'Carpool Karaoke' Made Me Cry

Yes, I Cried When I Watched Sir Paul McCartney On 'Carpool Karaoke' With James Corden

The tour through McCartney's old house was surreal. I felt as if I was walking through where Paul used to sing, write, and practice songs growing up.


James Corden recently showed us what the power of music can really do to someone. With over twenty-four million views on youtube, the world was able to watch a bit of history being revealed as James Corden and Paul McCartney took a trip down memory lane in McCartney's childhood city.

James Corden has invited several of today's hottest artists to sing along to their top hits as they drive around. These videos are always fun to watch, but inviting a musical legend to sing songs that made history was truly a treat to watch.

The duo began by choosing to cleverly sing "Baby You Can Drive My Car" by The Beatles, when McCartney even switched spots with Corden to drive the karaoke mobile. The next tune was "Penny Lane" by The Beatles that was even sung while driving down THE Penny Lane. Penny Lane was the street that McCartney holds a lot of memories. I learned that this street is where Paul started; he sang in his church choir at a church there. Strolling past the storefronts on this street, viewers saw where The Beatles did it all together, even down to where they got their haircuts.

Most everyone knows the hit "Let it Be," but few know the story behind this song. Learning how McCartney was inspired to write this song shortly after the band was experiencing issues and saw dark times was a way to learn true history. Most of us can relate to the tears that rolled down Corden's face after harmonizing with McCartney. Hearing how McCartney still has the inspiration and soul behind his voice after many years truly can bring anyone to tears.

The tour through McCartney's old house was surreal. I felt as if I was walking through where Paul used to sing, write, and practice songs growing up. It is crazy to think that McCartney started his journey so long ago and has made it huge ever since. Time was rewound and Paul got to sit once more on his old piano to play. This was truly an emotional moment.

The biggest surprise of this carpool karaoke episode was the performance at the local bar. As the curtains opened on stage, everyone's jaw instantly dropped and all came to their feet to dance and sing to the greatest hits in music. Paul McCartney brought us all down memory lane and truly showed us what a great power music has.

My dad has always been a Beatles fan; he raised me listening to rock and roll, and we always would listen to The Beatles songs when we drove anywhere. One of the first songs I ever learned probably wasn't a cheesy nursery rhyme, but it was "Yellow Submarine." After years of waiting, I was able to see Paul McCartney in concert; this experience was one that I will never forget. I grew up on listening to The Beatles, and to be able to see these songs come to life and learn where they all started was truly a moving experience.

Thank you, James Corden, for bringing Sir Paul along for the ride this time.

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