Trying To Live With No Regrets
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Trying To Live With No Regrets

The past is the past for a reason, we shouldn't dwell on it because all it will do is break us apart.

Trying To Live With No Regrets
Live Life

I shouldn't say I regret the choices I've made because without them I wouldn't be the person I am today and I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. However, If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would.

10. I would have done better in high school

I didn't really get serious about high school until the end of my sophomore year, and even at that point I wasn't as serious as I should have been. I remember nearly failing geophysical (Earth) science my freshman year. Granted the teacher was tough, but I didn't apply myself like I should have. I didn't ask for help when I probably needed it the most. If I would have tried harder, then maybe I would have been able to get a scholarship for school.

9. I would have been more respectful to my teachers

If you are a former teacher reading this, I am sorry. I'm sorry I always fell asleep in class. I'm sorry I was always on my phone for 90 percent of class time. I'm sorry I didn't pay attention most of the time. Most importantly, to my junior year Algebra 2 teacher, I'm sorry for getting really angry when you took my phone and told you -insert choice words here.- I deserved what I got, and I was lucky you didn't write me up for insubordination. I was very lucky.

8. I would have started putting money aside when I got my first job

I don't know how many times my parents told me about the value of a dollar and how important it was to put money aside. You'll never know when something comes up and you'll need that spare money. If I would have started putting money aside, maybe I'd be on my own. Sometimes I worry that I'll never leave my parents house because by the time my bills are all paid for, I generally have enough money for gas, and occasionally (but more times than not) fast food.

7. I would have paid better attention on the road

This one was always a sensitive subject to talk about, but I have moved on. I don't have a perfect driving record. I am 20 years old and have had my license suspended. I've totaled 3 cars, 2 speeding tickets, and have dented 2 cars in a parking lot. I currently have 7 points on my record. I haven't had an accident in over a year, but I did receive a speeding ticket a few months ago. If I was more cautious, maybe that wouldn't have happened. I'd like to thank my Dad who helped me get my first 3 cars. However, I am proud to say that the car I am currently driving is my own. I took out a loan last January, and paid it off within a year. That feeling is amazing.

6. I wouldn't have snuck out to go drink

My junior year of high school was when my party phase peaked. I would sneak out of my house to get drunk, with people I didn't even know. At the time I didn't realize how dangerous it was. 4 years later, I am so thankful I didn't end up pregnant, contract an STD, or even get raped and/or murdered. Eventually, that led to my meltdown that landed me in two different psych wards. At that point, I was so confused I (unintentionally) repeated to stab my mom in the back by saying I wanted to live with her. I was a minor at the time, so both parents had to go to court. To my parents: I am sorry I put you through what I did, and I am sorry I contributed to your financial problems. Also, let's be real. Hangovers suck!

5. I would have practiced longer and harder for piano

From kindergarten to my senior year of high school I took piano lessons. I had one of the BEST piano teachers (in my opinion). We still keep in touch today. However, I never took it seriously. $20 a week was wasted because I was never prepared for my lessons. If I would have taken piano more seriously, maybe I would have been good enough for a scholarship. I still have my keyboard, but every time I go to play I get discouraged because I'm not as good. I understand that it still takes practice, but to get where I want to be, it would take at least 5 additional years, depending on how long I practice.

4. I wouldn't take anything for granted

This one could easily sum this entire article right here. My mom always played this song and it was her "wish" to me. Basically it's about never taking time for granted and if you fall on hard times keep on "dancing" through life because chances are what you're going through is nothing compared to what someone else is going through. The quote is the background vocals to the song. This is the most relatable part for me.

3. I would have spent more time with my Grandparents when I had the chance

I have a set of grandparents living in Pennsylvania, and another set in North Carolina. A few years ago, my grandma that lives in Pennsylvania was checked into the hospital for appendicitis, then she contracted something. I can't remember if it was the flu, pneumonia or something else. Then, my grandma that lives in North Carolina had an incident. She had just moved to NC into this big beautiful house with an endless backyard. Her and my grandad needed some trees cut down. So they hired a company. My grandparents have a deck that pretty high up. One of the trees that was being cut down rotted out, and crashed onto the deck. My grandma stepped outside to offer everyone some lunch..she went crashing down with the deck. She was in and out of ICU for months and none of us were sure if she was going to make it. She did, thankfully. Both situations made me realize that the time we have with our loved ones isn't forever, so we need to cherish them while they can. I regret not helping my grandma (both of them) in the kitchen because I was too selfish and I wanted to do what I wanted to do. I regret being on my phone constantly when really I should be spending time with them. I regret not going with them to wherever they're going because my favorite TV show was on.

2. I would have taken the initiative to learn how to cook

This is something where I can change today, and this somewhat follows up with #3. My family (both sides) are all amazing cooks. We make homemade pizza. my grandparents make their own spaghetti sauce and don't get me started on my grandma's peanut butter cream pie. I should have never taken for granted all the opportunities I had when I got to see them because now, my life is so chaotic I almost never have time. No matter how hard I try to make time.

1. Realizing that Everything Happens For A Reason

All the things I have listed are things I would do differently. However, at the same time I'm glad they happened because I wouldn't be where I am today. Had I not gotten into my last accident I would have never left Wendy's for 7/11 when my license got suspended. I would have never met my boyfriend. All of these things that I have done have molded me into the person I am today and it has made me stronger. They were life lessons. I couldn't be more proud of myself because I'm not that 16 year old girl with a bad rep. I'm not that 16 year old girl who thought it was ok to sneak out and party. I am a 20 year old with my head on my shoulders, people that care, and people that don't judge me. People who would die for me, and people I'd die for. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you've done. What matters is what you do. What matters is how you start each and every day and how you treat people. Listing these things has made me realize that the past is the past. Let the past stay in the past.

One last thing...

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