Passion In The Arts
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Passion In The Arts

Artistic forms of self expression cannot be lost.

Passion In The Arts
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Art, our truest form of self expression, is shown through paintings, drawings, theatre, music, dance, written word, and countless other works. All of it is beautiful. The fight for the arts seems like a never ending battle, but this war is worth the trials and tribulations. The amount of determination artists show to keep support for their work is immeasurable. Art is more than a hobby, it is a burning passion that lights a fire in people's souls. When the thought of extinguishing that fire is brought up, it can be promised that these souls will make noise. It is said that our opinions are one of the few things that are truly ours, so how can we take away methods of expressing them?

From the eyes of an artist, the only people who believe we can survive without forms of art are just blind to what it does for the brilliant minds creating it. Every time the paint hits canvas, bodies become lost in dance, or monologues ring through theatres, the light inside an artist burns brighter. The pure joy that comes from these types of self expression is so fierce that it makes emotions radiate. The feeling in your chest you get when creating tells you that you can change the world. Art is our great escape, a way to be free of the troubles, worries, and horrors in life. Art isn't something we can live without. It is more than a pastime, it is who we are.Everyone is different. Not everyone enjoys art; however, there is a respect bound to allowing people to create. Have respect for what people love.

For those who lack respect towards artists, you rip pieces of people apart. Nothing hurts more than having your passions denied. Every artist will fight with everything they have in order to keep the things they love. When schools take forms of art out of their priorities, they take away the hearts of many children out of priorities also. Our minds and hearts spill magnificence. Don't put a plug on that. It's hell for the young adult whose parents deny them from pursuing their dreams because they aren't practical. Practicality has nothing to do with it. It's about happiness.

Artists of all types will forever battle for their love. To the soulful artists, do not let go of what fuels your motivation. The desire inside of you is unlimited. This world is ours. Make it beautiful. To those who don't grasp what artistic passion feels like, respect those who do. Do not take away our love. If we fight its for good reason. Art is a way of life, let us live.
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