Isn't it so strange how doing one thing can feel like minutes but really takes hours while another activity feels like it takes hour but is truly only a couple of minutes? Time is weird that way.

Like, sometimes I could swear that just yesterday was I was an annoying sixth grader forever going on about how dumb boys are, and now I'm a sophomore in college who is pretty sure has found her Mr. Right. Yesterday I was thinking that having kids was the worst thing that could ever happen to somebody, and today I'm thinking I can't wait to start my own little family. Yesterday I was having sleepovers with friends, today I'm watching my friends start families and having 'sleepovers' with their little ones.

Back in sixth grade, I would have been saying something similar, only yesterday I would have been in kindergarten, learning my ABC's and today would be me having sleepovers and thinking boys are gross. It's a weird, everlasting twist of time that seems to keep you in a loop of thinking what yesterday felt like compared to what you are doing today.

It makes you realize just how much time can pass by, especially when you're not noticing. Like when you're studying for a test in high school, the time seems to drag on so slow, but then when you're taking the test you studied 4+ hours for, it seems to only take minutes.

I think maybe part of growing up is sometimes feeling like you've been left behind. You feel as though your friends are more mature, have more, because they're having babies or getting married before you. It's also probably because you're maybe not ready to have kids, but you have always wanted to have your kids grow up with your best friend's kids because you have always agreed that you guys should do that. It's a part of life, though, and it's a bit saddening when we realize that things really do not go as planned in life.

But, find time to enjoy it. Don't let yourself live in fear of not knowing what exactly tomorrow will bring. Enjoy the fact that every day is a new day with a new adventure. Are some of them horrible and not enjoyable? Yes, very much so. But that's also part of finding the joy in it even when you want to end it. Live for the good adventures even as you're struggling through the bad ones.

Let yourself believe in a time when you and your best friend would have kids growing up together, even if you know it may not happen. Let yourself imagine that perfect wedding day, even if it's not happening today.

Don't let time run away from you; make sure to enjoy every second of every day.