Pass The AUX Artist: A Tribute To Kid Cudi
Pass The AUX is a series by Francesco Lupinacci that works towards presenting a critical analysis on a variation of music artists & albums that lay beneath the polluted mainstream sound, to widen your playlists and give you a fire AUX selection.

This is my personal tribute to Scott Mescudi;
Sky might be fallin' but please remember you can fly.

The world wasn't ready when introduced to the out-of-this-world star gazer in 2009 through the massive radio hit "Day N' Nite", supported by an album filled of sparkling dreams and haunting nightmares, Man On The Moon: The End of Day. Kid Cudi has come through the airwaves multiple times since his major single with incredible features in David Guetta's "Memories" and Kanye West's "Erase Me". Kid Cudi has never fallen out of the picture since his first appearances. As of recently and beyond his own artistry, Kid Cudi has reached a point familiar to many humans; rock bottom.

Early October, 2016, Kid Cudi announced on Facebook he would be entering rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts. He apologized repetitively throughout his post, resonating that we was at a lack of peace and serenity since the day he has been known to fans. The post details his lack of trust and lack of motivation to step outside his own home. Signing his announcement with his birth name, Scott Mescudi.

"Maybe if I was a jerk to girls, instead of being nice and speaking kind words
Maybe it would be okay to say then,
I wasn't a good guy to begin with."
(Man On The Moon)

While he can be judged for "falling off" since his debut album in 2009, criticized for his experimental Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven, and claimed to only be good enough for a future; I disagree. The lonely stoner has comforted some of the most personal moments in my own life. Kid Cudi has sung about sensitive topics such as depression and loneliness through many of his most underrated tracks ("Sky Might Fall" and "Solo Dolo (Nightmare)"), and without being a devoted fan of his, Cudi has brought me peace while facing cold adversity through my adolescent travels.

"The moon will illuminate my room, and soon I'm consumed by my doom"
(Soundtrack 2 My Life)

This Hip-Hop artist has a unique voice, one that surpasses critical review when incorporated in masterpieces like that of "The Prayer" or "Cudi Zone". As Kanye's favorite artist, Kid Cudi is profound lyrically and doesn't lack any component to be as big as he desires to be. "Man On The Moon" stands alone as the best-ever track by the Kid, it's his mellow and dreamy comfort that makes him incomparable to any other artist. Listen to Cudi's "The Prayer", if this guy is capable to recapture that sound, or the confidence with his own sound, there's no stopping this dreamer.

"And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take
but please don't cry, just know I that I have made these songs for you"
(The Prayer)

Recently featured on many's jam, "Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1" (yeah, he sings that unforgettable hook that you have to love), Cudi's still routed towards massive success that will unfold through his upcoming album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'. Keeping in mind Drake had the guts to diss Cudi while in rehab for depression... Cudi has tweeted that he'll be out soon to respond.

Thank you for the space travels, thank you for cementing the best moments of my life with "Pursuit of Happiness" (and for featuring the amazing MGMT that I also hold dear to my heart). Thank you for allowing me to have a companion through many end-of-days.

Best of Wishes,

Francesco Lupinacci

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